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How to Find Who Unfollowed You on Twitter

There is no doubt Twitter is one of the best ways of communicating with co-workers, friends, colleagues, family members and many others around the world. It is also a wonderful platform to catch up on latest gossip or news while sharing information and news in case that is what you want. With every engagement you make on Twitter, you will also find some people have unfollowed you, especially if your huge number of followers keep dwindling right before your eyes.

While it is normal for anyone to unfollow you, you might want to know the one who has done it. To effectively do this, there are a number of tools, apps and sites able to show you the individual who just unfollowed you with all kinds of choices on exactly what you want to use.


Apart from being free, it is also very easy to use. You only have to visit the site and sign in your account on Twitter and all the recent unfollowers will be displayed, including all kinds of details such as individuals who have refused to follow back and all kinds of inactive people you might be following.

However, just like in many other services, the only way to see those who unfollowed you is by signing up with the Unfollowers site. It is also wonderful that unless you indicate so, Unfollowers.com cannot release a tweet out indicating you are keen on finding those who have unfollowed you, something that is outright embarrassing. To access the section showing all the ‘Stats’, this site offers a Premium account for that.

Just Unfollow

For those with Android or iOS devices, the JustUnfollow App is a wonderful tool that works for both Instagram and Twitter. After downloading it on the Android or iOS device and signing in into the created account, you will start taking note of individuals who are not following you anymore.

A tap on the top left corner button lets you see a menu displaying a lot of information, including recent unfollowers. The tool is free to use and unless you indicate or let it, there will be no tweets showing you are using it to know those who have unfollowed you.


A simple and nice tool to know those who have unfollowed you, the only thing you need to do is log in into the site and see all the unfollower stats. Initially or immediately after login in for the first time, no unfollowers are recorded. But, login in a day later will display everybody who might have unfollowed since you logged in last.

Friends or Follow

Also a free service, this tool goes a step further and depicts all those who are not following back and unfollowers in a grid view. Apart from tracking Twitter followers, this tool also tracks Tumblr and Instagram followers. For any extra feature you will have to pay.

However, just knowing those who’ve unfollowed you nothing needs to be paid.

Obviously, in most free ways to check those who have unfollowed you on Twitter extra features are provided at an extra cost.

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