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How to Fix the Fast Scrolling in Windows 8.1

Does your Touch Pad or Mouse Wheel scrolls the pages too fast ever since you Upgraded to Windows 8.1? Well, mine did, until yesterday, but I accidentally fixed it. This is how you do it.

Before telling you that, Let me sympathize with you, this bloody fast scrolling takes all the productivity away, when you have to use the arrow keys to scroll down or up, because, page up and page down is not a great solution for it.

Anyway, I did try to keep sort that out using a Chrome Extension, it worked pretty fine too, but it’s, sadly, for Chrome only, rest of the things like PDF files, Docs, and other things were still scrolling annoyingly fast.

After over 6 months of using the arrow keys and feeling sorry about myself, I finally fixed it when I accidentally reached to the Mouse and Touchpad settings in Control Panel of Windows 8.1.

You can click on the Settings by hovering your mouse to the bottom right corner, then go to PC and Devices and then Mouse and Touchpad, select Multiple lines at a time. in the dropdown for ‘Roll the Mouse wheel to scroll’. You are good to go.

Though it’s a small tip, but it was bothering me and affecting my productivity from last few months as I had to move my fingers from touch pad to the arrow keys to scroll down and doing that multiple times just made me not do the work or turn to my desktop which has Windows 8 and the scroll works fine as well.

And if you are done with this tip, here is another interesting tip to get more done by creating customized keyboard shortcuts, go try, you’ll love it.

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