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How to Fix Missing DLL File Errors in a Windows Software

If you are someone who has a thing for downloading and using the rarest of Software available for Windows, this error might have occurred at least once in your life.

I’ve witnessed it several hundred times (if not thousand) and I’ve become immune to them, I am a ninja when it comes to fixing this type of error.

Let me tell the the quickest way to fix it.

Fixing the Programs with Missing DILL file 

Small programs, that run directly without the need of installing them, are often packed into a .zip or .rar file. If you get the Missing DLL file error, you can simply note down the file name and Google it.

You will get results from various websites, mostly it is from dll-files.com. Find that in your search results and go to that site.

Mostly all the websites that provide download links are filled up with banners and text ads that mislead the users to into downloading something else. the website I’ve mentioned above does not practice that kind of activity.

But it does promote their own software, you can safely use the free option and download the Zip fie provided on the right hand side of the pricing table.

Now that you have downloaded the file, just extract  msvcr100.dll, (or any other DLL file you’ve downloaded) and put in the folder

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