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Some Galaxy S8 Models are Restarting without any Reason

A few days ago we discussed that Samsung is planning to bring refurbished Galaxy Note 7 models into the market. We all know how this model did the task of damaging the image of Galaxy brand. Industry experts thought that Samsung will not take any chances this year and they will do the best to bring every model of Galaxy S8 carefully into the market. However it seems that this is not the case. Samsung said that they have tested every model of Galaxy S8 cautiously but the reality is a little different.

The picture is not appearing rosy for the biggest Android smartphone maker. Some Galaxy S8 owners have complained that their gadgets are restarting without any reason. They are saying that they have no clue why it is happening frequently. Many experts are giving their own reasons for this issue. Some are saying that the microSD card section is not working perfectly while others are discussing about the Always-On display screen. The exact reason is not clear right now but the fact is that many Galaxy S8 owners have complained about it.

It is not just the random restart issue. There are users who are complaining that the gadget rearranges all the app settings and it is a cumbersome task to organize everything from the scratch. Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are in the US market from last one week. Customers decided to keep the faith on Samsung even after the debacle of Galaxy Note 7.  The pre-booking orders got an overwhelming response from the market. There is no doubt that the model is brilliant but we cannot deny with the fact that some users have concerns related to this gadget.

It will be interesting to see how Samsung is going to respond this time. They are aware of it and it may not be a big thing at this time. The users might be facing some software related issues and if they contact Samsung then they may look into the matter immediately. There is no official statement by Samsung at this point of time. However they may talk about it within next few days.  This is the second issue of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ models. A few days ago some users reported about red-tinged screens. Therefore Samsung immediately brought the software update to solve this part. So if you have also faced this issue then you are not alone. It is better to contact Samsung customer care to get the right solution.

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