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Global Biobutanol Market - Size, Share, Trends and Forecasts to 2022

Biobutanol is a renewal source of energy and fulfils the renewable fuel standard that helps in achievement of the energy security. Biobutanol is produced from different kinds of biomass feedstock such as sugar beets, cellulose and corns. It is an evolving renewable alcohol nicely positioned for substantial growth in future. It is a sophisticated biofuel that could be converted to biogasoline and jet fuel. Biobutanol is a valuable solvent and chemical as well as the gateway molecule to a large range of chemical derivates. It can also be used in producing plastics and rubbers. Biobutanol is a best substitute for conventional transportation fuel such as gasoline that will also help in reduction of carbon emissions in atmosphere and thus help in preservation/maintenance of eco-friendly environment.

Cellulose wastes, from the paper mills, pulp and wood industry, are going to be the emerging opportunities for producing Biobutanol. One of the most vital and significant benefit in producing Biobutanol is reduction in green house effect. Biobutanol has high energy content density and low Reid vapor pressure. It has less chance of corrosion and separation. Biobutanol also resists absorption of water permitting it        to be transported via carriers and pipes. A very interesting benefit of Biobutanol is that vehicles do not require any modifications to use it. This means that there can be quick implementation of efficient pumping systems.

The US environmental protection agency abbreviated as EPA has proved that emissions of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide can be greatly reduced through the use of Biobutanol. Biobutanol is a true biofuel having great future with very negligible impact on food supply. Due to all the above factors and low cost production of Biobutanol many of the firms all around the globe have started focusing on manufacture and commercialization of low cost Biobutanol. In addition to this, global Biobutanol Market is going to observe a significant growth in future as Biobutanol is a cost effective tool and a corridor to other derivates of chemicals. Dropping costs of Biobutanol, due to its technological innovations and yield efficiencies, has also contributed to its market growth.

Regions of North America and Europe are the key markets of Biobutanol. Key factors that affect the growth of Biobutanol Market are policies of different nations promoting use of clean fuel as source of energy, rising populations, large scale capital investments by firms who are in search of an efficient & clean fuel substitute for bioethonal and rise in efforts by nations who are eager to acquire energy security in case of price rise. Key market constraints to Biobutanol Market are its toxic properties, costly refining prices and bad odor.

Biobutanol firms manufacture variety of Biobutanol products such as plastics, coatings, fibers, and transportation fuel in order to augment economic performance through diversification and fulfill the demand of the consumers for these products. Today, Biobutanol is used in many of the commercial applications in an existing Biobutanol Market worth more than five billion USD. Some of the key market players that produce Biobutanol include Bioenergy International, Butalco GmBH, Cobalt Biofuels and Arbor Biofuels backed by oil manufacturers like TetraVitae Biosciences and METabolic Explorers.

The market research report examines the Biobutanol Market based on the market sections, key geographical locations and ongoing trends of market. Geographical locations classified under this market research study include Regions of Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World.

The market research report provides the in-depth analysis of market inhibitors, market size, market structure, market growth drivers, future market projections, limitations of market and current developments in technology. It also includes detailed porter’s five force analysis model, in-depth value chain analysis, profiles of top market players, competitive market dynamics and SWOT analysis along with pictorial graphical data representation tools such as diagrams and charts. The Biobutanol Market research study also involves a review of macro and micro economic aspects of the market necessary for current market participants as well as new entrants for expanding their business.

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