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Global Body Contouring Devices Market - Size, Share, Trends and Forecasts to 2022

Body Contouring is a method of surgery that includes change of components of body such as upper arms, torso, thighs, chest and buttocks with a view to improve the total body appearance. It is effective for those who already have undergone substantial loss of weight and are desirous of removing remaining extra fats from body as well as excess skin. The different body contouring methods that are available these days are body fat transfer, abdominal itching, implants, bra line back lift and body lift. Transfer of body fats includes the transmitting of fat from one part of the body to another part of the body in order to supplement it. Body lift is a method that involves removal of the drooping skin and fat access from the belly, buttocks and thighs. For carrying out these methods different kinds of medical equipments like skin tightening hand pieces and liposuction devices are used.

The body contouring devices market is divided into minimally invasive equipments, non-invasive equipments and invasive equipments. Minimally invasive equipments consist of radio frequency assisted liposuction equipments and laser assisted lipolysis equipments. Non-invasive equipments consist of high intensity focused ultrasound lipoplasty equipments and radio frequency lipoplasty equipments. Invasive equipments include ultrasound assisted liposuction equipments. Key players in the body contouring devices market are Meridian Company Limited, Cynosure, Palomar Medical Technologies, Alma Lasers Limited and Syneron Medical Limited.

The global body contouring devices market continues to evolve universally. It is led by enhanced artistic awareness, increasing proportions of obesity, user awareness of the methods and introduction of minimally invasive and non-invasive body contouring surgical methods.

Sub-Continent of North America is the largest market for body contouring devices as it consists of the large population of people who are fat and are very much concerned about their looks. The body contouring devices market is estimated to deliver CAGR in double digit figure in the evolving markets of growing economies like India, China, Mexico and Brazil. This is due to the rise in disposable income, increase in per capita income, increase in gross domestic product (GDP), rise in gross national product (GNP) (or net national product (NNP)), acceptance of modernized methods and aspiring to look better as compared to others.

All the above factors have contributed to the growth of body contouring devices market in the regions of Asia and America. The research study analyzes the body contouring devices market on basis of its market sections, key geographical locations and recent trends of the market. On the basis of geographical locations the market is divided into four regions: Asia-Pacific zone, European region, Sub Continent of North America and Rest of the World.

The market research study offers a detailed analysis of market structure, future market projections, factors inhibiting market growth, factors driving market growth, market size, market trends. It also includes porter five force analysis model, value chain analysis, SWOT analysis, market share analysis and market analysis along with distinct graphics. It also provides detailed information about the top market players of the industry along with their organization overview, financial overview, product portfolio and business strategy.

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