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Global Commercial Satellite Imaging Market - Size, Share, Trends and Market Forecasts to 2019

Commercial satellite imaging is the method of gathering data in the form of snaps through the use of a rotation around the earth or by drone soaring at a great height. The main benefit of satellite images is that a satellite can be strategically located anywhere in the orbit to take remote snapshots/ pictures of the earth. Aerial picture or satellite picture is usually referred to as remote sensing. In aerial picture of earth, snaps are taken with the help of hand held cameras (or drone) through remote trigger. Satellite imaging includes a wide variety of cameras, devices and sensors installed on satellite rotating the earth. Satellite imaging tools exert great influence over the decision making procedure in most of the social, economic, political and business activities. The technology has shifted its focus from its main uses like intelligence and defense to various environmental analysis and commercial applications.

The market research study includes division of commercial satellite imaging market by geographical locations, end use and applications. It also provides the analysis of the market inhibiting and market influencing factors.

The market overview section of the report displays the market dynamics like limitations of market, aspects that drive the growth of market and opportunities that influence the present and future of market. This section also explains the impact of the porter’s five force analysis model on the commercial satellite imaging market .It also provides comprehensive analysis of global competitive market scenario in commercial satellite imaging market.

Various applications of commercial satellite imaging are seen in construction industry, energy sector, geospatial technology, defense, intelligence, disaster management, media & research sector, entertainment industry and conservation industry. Revenue projections of the commercial satellite imaging market for period 2012-2019 are provided in terms of USD million. Also the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the estimated period 2014-2019 is also provided.

Commercial satellite imaging is intensively used in different industries like commercial firms, government organizations, armed forces, agriculture sector, energy sector, forestry and civil engineering. A comprehensive market analysis, forecast and market revenue of these end use sectors has been provided in the report for the period 2014-2019.

In terms of topographical distribution, the commercial satellite imaging market is divided into four regions namely, Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World. This division includes the information about market revenue for period 2012-2019 as well as sales projections for the period 2013-2019 for each regional market. The report also provides suggestions and highlights of market which could be useful for existing participants and new entrants for sustaining the business growth in the commercial satellite imaging market.

The market research report ends with the organization profile segments which provide key information about the key market competitors of the industry. Some of the key market competitors include BlackBridge (RapidEye AG), Digital Globe Incorporation and ImageSat International. The report includes the business plans implemented by these organizations to stay ahead in competition. The report assist the key competitors of the commercial satellite imaging market to create new effective strategies to counter the market forces and market barriers that slows down their business growth.

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