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Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) Market - Size, Share, Trends and Market Forecasts to 2022

Content delivery network consists of distributed servers which provides web content and web pages to users depending upon their topographical positions. It offers quick website delivery which has high traffic ratio. CDN (Content Delivery Network) executes two important functions. First, it stores the content at the network edge to minimize the web traffic passing through the network. Next it offers multiservice and multiprotocol streaming facility thereby letting the operator to adjust content from an IP device located in vicinity of the user using it. Generally, typical functionality of content delivery network consists of content delivery services, request redirection services, content negotiation services, content distribution services, content outsourcing services and content management services.

The two main things that have marked the growth of internet technology are social media and mobile technology. Since its initiation, Facebook at present has more than 900 million subscribers as there is increase in number of web users. In addition to this, rising IP video traffic is predicted to increase the content delivery network market. With very less capital investment, any business can capture large market irrespective of its geographical position. These days, use of videos on mobiles and internet are growing at an accelerated rate. As network operators are becoming conscious of benefits of content delivery network, a large number of network cable operators and telecommunication network operators in North America and Europe have commenced content delivery network (CDN) initiatives.

In addition to this, network operators form association with content proprietors/holders in order to provide enhanced quality of services and contents to users /customers. Due to this content delivery network market is expected to grow by leaps and bounds. Although CDNs (content delivery networks) offer many advantages to its users, there is always a room for constantly improving the quality of its services such as storage services and mobile content delivery services. Also there is always a scope for improving the scalability of dynamic.

With rapid implementation of cloud computing technology, content delivery network operators are going to witness unexpected growth in storage delivery system services /activities. In addition to this, as there is rise in the number of Smartphone users, mobile network operators are gradually handing out information to wide range of users. Content delivery network market is predicted to grow more due to growing awareness among business houses about the benefits, opportunities and services offered by online media. Due to dawn of new technological innovations combined with growing preference of customers, content delivery network market is projected to expand in coming years.

Many business verticals using content delivery network include entertainment & media industry, advertising sector, gaming sector, education industry, healthcare sector, mobile operators, government sector, consumer electronics, online music vendors and internet service providers. Topographically, Sub Continent of North America is the biggest market for content delivery network. In spite of this, Asia Pacific Zone displays bright market growth prospects for the content delivery network market.

The research study examines the content delivery network market based on its main geographical locations, market sections and recent trends in market. Geographical locations examined under this report study include Asia Pacific Zone, Sub Continent of North America, region of Europe and Rest of the World.

The report consists of the detailed study of ongoing technological development in the industry, factors affecting market growth, limitations of market, market growth aspects and market opportunities. It also provides comprehensive porter’s five forces analysis model, value chain analysis and SWOT analysis of the key market sections along with graphical charts and bar & pie diagrams.

The research study also provides a detailed analysis of competitive market, changing market environment and market predictions. It offers technological growth map to understand the market growth concepts.

Key main market players of content delivery network market providing enhanced content delivery solutions along with fast loading video & non- video contents include Level 3 Communications, Highwinds Network Group Incorporation, Ericsson, CD Networks and AT&T Incorporation.

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