Global Direct Energy Medical Devices Market - Size, Share, Trends and Forecasts to 2022

10 Jun 2015

Direct energy medical devices market permit applications of energy to a particular surgery location that gives effective control over the surgical method. Rapid acceptance of these devices is ascribed to their observed benefits like cost effective health care services, minimal procedural time in surgery, enhanced capability to cut & seal. These direct energy medical equipments/instruments carry out their functions with the help of thermal, electrical and kinetic energy applications.

The direct energy medical devices market sections are categorized on the basis of applications, types and topographies. Depending upon the applications, the market section is categorized into applications of direct energy medical devices such as cardiovascular, urology, gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopedics and aesthetics. Based on the types, the market section is bifurcated into types like radiation, radio frequency, electrical, light, cryotherapy, ultrasound, microwave, thermal and hydro mechanical.

North America accounts for largest market share of the universal direct energy medical devices market and is followed by Zone of Europe. The reason being high per capita income & disposable income of the people living in these regions. In addition to this, the easy accessibility & availability of advanced therapeutic and diagnostic equipments are the key aspects playing a major role in expansion of the direct energy medical devices industry & influencing the growth of the direct energy medical devices market. Region of Asia Pacific is seen as a potential direct energy medical devices market revealing greater/higher prospects for future market growth. Evolving markets of Latin America are also expected to witness a fast market growth contributing to the growth of the worldwide direct energy medical devices market and increasing their share in the market.

One of the key factors motivating the growth of the direct energy medical devices market is the modernization of the surgical methods which allows minimally invasive surgical methods to become a method of choice for patients and surgeons. Other key aspect promoting/pushing the growth of direct energy medical devices market include rising need for cosmetic treatments for the old population as well as the fat persons.

Some of the key players of the market contributing to the growth of the market are Ethicon Endo-Surgery Incorporation, Olympus Corporation, Sciton Incorporation, Palomar Medical Technologies Incorporation, Aesthera Corporation, Ethicon Endo-Surgery Incorporation and Karl Storz Endoscopy Incorporation.

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