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Global Green Packaging Market - Size, Share, Trends and Forecasts to 2021

Rising concern of environmental protection is one of the key aspects increasing the demand for green packaging all around the world. Due to this, tremendous efforts are made for reducing the toxic emissions in atmosphere. Green Packaging results in reduced toxic emissions and causes low pollution in the form of landfills. Consequently, there is a rising demand for green packaging as it helps in maintaining pollution free and clean eco-friendly environment. However, due to increase in number of initiatives taken by the government to make the environment pollution free, strict rules are formed by governments all over the world. Industrialists and producers all around the globe are under immense pressure to utilize eco- friendly packaging materials and implement methods that have minimal negative effect on the environment. Many factories and companies have to stick to green packaging as a part of their extended manufacturers responsibility (EPR). This factor also encourages the growth of green packaging market. In addition to this, green packaging provides competitive benefits to industry over other market competitors since customers desire products having sustainable packaging. Due to this demand for green packaging is on rise and predicted to increase during the projected time span.

The green packaging market all around the world is estimated to make a stable growth between the periods 2014 to 2021. It is divided on the basis of packaging style, applications and geographical locations. The packaging styles are of three types, namely, reusable packaging, recycled content packaging and degradable packaging. Recycled content packaging is further sub divided into plastic packaging, paper packaging, glass packaging and metal packaging. Reusable packaging is divided into plastic container and drums. Depending upon the applications, the green packaging market is bifurcated into personal care packaging, food and beverage packaging and healthcare packaging. By geographical locations, the green packaging market is divided into Region of Europe, North American region, Asia-Pacific Zone and Rest of the world.

There are also few of the restraining factors limiting the growth of the green packaging market. First factor is reduction in margin of profit due to rise in manufacturing cost which restricts the growth of green packaging market. Second factor is low consumer demand for green packaging due to low awareness about green packaging among customers also refrains the firms to shift to green packaging. In spite of all these factors limiting the growth of green packaging market, government is taking initiatives to create awareness among the people about the green packing, its significance and its advantages.

Food and beverage packaging application holds the largest share in green packaging market as industries that are into business of food and beverages use green packaging to a large extent. Due to growing awareness & demand for environment friendly green packaging items among the customers, the producers of food and beverages items have started supplying their items with green packaging.

The market research study highlights the trends of market and recent market scenario for green packaging market for the projected period of 2014 to 2021. The details about market structure and market size of the green packaging market are also discussed in the report. The micro and macro economic aspects affecting the growth of the market are also given in the market research study.

United States of America in the region of North America is the biggest market for green packaging due to the widespread utility of environment friendly green packaged items. Countries of Asia Pacific Zone particularly China and India provide fast growing market for green packaging products. The reason for this is that the population growth in Asia Pacific Zone is very high and increasing rapidly. Also this rising population adds to the formation of high customer base for the green packaging products in this region. Food and beverage firms match the basic requirements of the growing population of this region by catering to their needs. They use green packaging for packaging their food and beverage items on a large scale contributing towards the growth of green packaging market in this Zone of Asia Pacific. Thus Asia Pacific region is projected to witness a decent market growth for the green packaging items during the estimated period between 2014 to 2021 as well as in future.

North America and European markets are already matured markets for green packaging items and are predicted to make a healthy growth in coming years. The report provides detailed porter’s five force analysis, value chain analysis, SWOT analysis and Competitive analysis about the green packaging market along with graphical and diagrammatic representation with pictorial charts as well as bar & pie charts of the market segments of the regions.

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