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Global Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) Devices Market - Size, Share, Trends and Forecasts to 2022

Intravascular Ultrasound is a therapeutic imaging process that uses a specifically devised catheter with tiny ultrasound search appended to the distal end. The proximal ending of the catheter is connected to the programmed ultrasound device. It allows functions of ultrasonic technology to observe the interior of blood vessels through blood column surrounding it. The veins of the heart are the most frequent imaging target for Intravascular Ultrasound. The application of Intravascular Ultrasound in coronary arteries is to decide the amount of atheroma constructed at any specific point in epicardial coronary vein. Constructed plaque blocks the flow of blood, disturbs the normal blood pressure in body and increases complications of heart coronary.

Intravascular Ultrasound is a vital addition to angiography. It provides new insights into the treatment, diagnosis and therapy for coronary diseases. An angiography displays only 2D silhouette of the lumen but Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) allows tomographic evaluation of size of plaque, area of lumen, composition and distribution. As per the experts the range of lumen stenosis locations at which myocardial infarctions take place range from the regions of sensitive dilatation all the way to the regions of more than ninety percentage of stenosis. In spite of this, the usual stenosis at which myocardial infarctions take place were observed to be lesser than fifty percent. Only fourteen percent of heart attacks take place at the places with seventy five percent or greater owing to stenosis. This market research has converted the main focus of heart attack from severe narrowing to defenseless (prone) plaque. As per the WHO (World Health Organization) reports, it has been calculated that about 17.5 million persons have died from coronary venerable diseases and this represents thirty percentage of deaths taking place in the world. Of these thirty percent of deaths, calculated figure of about 7.5 million were due to coronary heart disease and 6.5 million due to heart stroke.

The Intravascular Ultrasound Devices Market is bifurcated on the basis of products and applications. On the basis of Products the market is divided into intravascular ultrasound catheters, intravascular ultrasound consoles and intravascular ultrasound accessories such as guidewires & pullback devices. On the basis of applications, intravascular ultrasound devices market is segmented into intravascular ultrasound coronary intervention market, intravascular ultrasound coronary diagnostic market, intravascular ultrasound coronary research market and intravascular ultrasound peripheral applications market.

Few of the key market drivers of intravascular ultrasound devices market are increasing occurrences of cardiovascular ailments, rise in corpulent population, increase in aging population and inactive, undisciplined & lethargic way of living. Some of the key inhibiting factors of this market are inconsistent compensation policies & its non compliance/non-conformity and high prices of diagnostic equipments.

Asia Pacific Zone is the growing and leading market for intravascular ultrasound devices. Japan represents the largest intravascular ultrasound devices market of the zone. The reason for this is efficient & quick execution of reimbursement policies in the country. North America is the second largest intravascular ultrasound devices market as United States of America which belongs to this region has five million of its population suffering from heart diseases costing the nation a calculated amount of more than 30 billion every year. This is reported by Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. The reason for this being high consumption of foods having maximum proportion of fats as its main constituents, fat population, lack of physical activities , sedentary life style & less physical exercises. Latin America and gulf nations of the Rest of the World are the key markets for intravascular ultrasound devices.

Some of the key industry players of the intravascular ultrasound devices market include Boston Scientific Corporation, Siemens Healthcare, Volcano Corporation, Silicon Valley Medical Instruments Incorporation and InfraReDx Incorporation.

The market research report examines the market based on the market sections, key geographical locations and current trends of market. Geographical locations examined under this research study include Regions of Asia Pacific, Sub Continent of North America, Zone of Europe and Rest of the World.

The intravascular ultrasound devices market research study includes in-depth analysis of industry growth factors, market inhibiting factors, market constraints, market structure, market size, market projections, current technological changes and predicted technological market trends. The market study report also includes the concepts of porter’s five forces analysis model, changing competitive market dynamics, competitor analysis, SWOT analysis, value chain analysis and detailed summary of top market players explained with illustrative examples and displayed in the form of the graphical data representations, tables, charts & diagrams.

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