Global Nematicides Market - Size, Share, Trends and Forecasts to 2022

10 Jun 2015

Nematicides are the kind of chemical pesticides that are used to annihilate parasites of plants termed as nematodes. They have behaved like highly volatile broad spectrum toxicants possessing the characteristic/property of penetrating through the soil. The nematicides market research report study includes types of nematicides like carbamates, organophosphates, fumigants and bio-nematicides. Nematicides applications comprise of industrial as well as agrochemical applications. The market report is segregated in four market sections based on the geographical regions: Region of Asia-Pacific, North America, Rest of the World and Europe.

Rapid industrialization has reduced the total arable land around the globe resulting in heavy demand for high yielding crops. This in return has driven the growth of nematicides market and is expected to expand further in next few years as the use of nematicides is essential for improving the yield of crops and its protection. Further, rising population has led to heavy demand for food stuff all across the globe fuelling the market growth of nematicides. Due to execution of environment friendly policies by government authorities, the promotion & use of eco-friendly pesticides has grown rapidly. This has boosted the demand for bio-nematicides and driven the growth of the nematicides market. Improvements in bio fuel technology is one of the factor that will drive the growth of the nematicides market in future as the biofuel technology sector promotes the growth of crops , gives high yield of crops and provides good quality & quantity of crop yield/output.

Due to rise in per capita income, GDP and disposable income of the people of Latin America, the preference of the consumer has shifted towards consumption of quality food. Because of this the demand for nematicides in Latin America has increased and is still predicted to grow further boosting the nematicides market growth in this region belonging to the Rest of the World. Increasing agrochemical and agro based industries in the Asia Pacific Zone is expected to boost the nematicides market growth in the region. In addition to this, rise in industrial growth in countries such as China and India has reduced the total arable land. This has led to the market growth of nematicides in the Asia Pacific region. Growing Population in the region of Asia Pacific has led to more demand for food stuff contributing to the expansion of nematicides market in this region. Region of North America has dominated the nematicides market in terms of consumption due to high demand for good quality of food stuff and reduction in arable land. Also nematicides market is expected to witness high growth in future in this region.

 The nematicides market research report provides understanding about porter five force analyses, present & future trends of market, future market projections, competitive analysis, SWOT analysis, supply chain analysis, distribution channels and value chain analysis. The research report also profiles key market players. In addition to this, the research study report displays market tables, diagrams and charts to explain the ongoing trends as well as future trends of the market segmented into three market section based on geographical locations, applications and types.

 The nematicides market research report study also provides analysis of present technological changes and future & ongoing technological trends of the nematicides business/ industry. It also consists of a review of macroeconomic aspects as well micro economic aspects of the nematicides market necessary for the current market players as well as new entrants to have complete knowledge of the nematicides market and its functioning/functions. The report predicts nematicides market size and structure in terms of volume and value. It discusses market drivers, opportunities, industry growth factors, market inhibitors and limitations of market. It also tracks the current strategic activities of the key market participants such as market growth plans, business growth strategies, new product launches, collaborations and associations. Few of the key market players of nematicides market are Bayer CropScience, FMC Corporation, Dow Agrosciences, Adama Agricultural Solutions Limited and Valent.

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