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Global Point Absorber Market - Size, Share, Trends and Forecasts to 2022

Point Absorber is wave energy equipment that offers sufficient amount of power in relatively tiny equipment as compared to other tools. Though there are plans and many designs for making use of these equipments, most of them function in the same way. They are tiny in size in comparison to the wave length and contain base mounted configurations. Energy conversion occurs in different forms based on the conformation of the equipment. Vertical motion of the buoy is utilized for every other density of fluids in different container forms. The relative movement between the activate wave floating on the surface of the ocean and the seabed structure triggers the power system.

PB150 which is a reputed point absorber equipment produced by ocean power technologies. It is a suspended kind arrangement with low face profile and there is a piston like shape in it that rotates as the equipment move up and down with the motion of waves. The movement of waves makes a generator create electric power that is transferred to the coast by a cable which is beneath the water. Ocean power technologies are recently developing energy tower, a structure possessing a (storage) capacity of more than 400 kilo watts and upon its completion can drive the system into a high level of business capability and functional scale item capability.

Point absorbers are devised as per the site and depth wherein these point absorbers should work like shoreline, near shore and offshore. The first kind of point absorber is termed as ocean power technology power marker. This kind of point absorber hovers on the sea surface. The ascent and descent of the enlarged wave causes the marker to ascend and descend. The suspended marker consists of 2 rods that are attached with the equipments that are same to that of a piston which is within a cylinder. As the marker ascends and descends, the vertical movements cause the pistons to ascent and descent. The turbine is linked with the generator that generates electrical energy. The second kind of point absorber is Carnegie Wave Energy also referred to as CETO. It uses the wave power that passes by to pull the marker away from its structure. This in turn generates the energy within the cylinder. It comprises of tiny single markers that are attached to the sea floor with floating markers. As the waves pass through the equipment it pulls the marker with it and the repetition of the movements create energy.

Few of the main participants in the point absorbers market are Ocean Navitas Limited, AWS Ocean Energy Limited, Pelamis Wave Power Limited and Carnegie Corporation.

The market research study examines the point absorbers market depending on the market sections, key geographical locations and recent trends of the market. Geographies analyzed under this market research report include regions of Europe, North America, Rest of the World and Asia Pacific.

The research report of point absorbers market provides detailed analysis of industry growth factors, current trends of industry, structure of market, size of market, market predictions and factors inhibiting market growth. The point absorbers market research report also mentions porter’s five force analysis, competitive market dynamics, value chain analysis and SWOT analysis along with distinct graphics that uses tools such as pie diagrams, bar diagrams, Gantt charts, graphs and tables. It also includes the evaluation of macro and micro economic aspects necessary for the business growth of current market participants as well as new market players of the business/industry.

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