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Global Power Distribution Unit (PDU) Market - Size, Share, Trends and Forecasts to 2021

This market research study includes strategic analysis of the universal power distribution unit market. The scope of the market research report consists of competitive analysis of different market sections depending upon the kinds of power stages, power distribution units and power distribution unit applications in different business segments. The report is a comprehensive study of the power distribution unit market across various geographical sections of market. The key aim of a power distribution unit (PDU) is to provide power to different network parts of a server rack available at the data center. Modern power distribution units has functionalities like display of power input as well as output, power usage control by remote monitoring, sensors alarm for observing any deviation from standard use of power and remote switching Off & On of the power distribution unit for maximizing use of power. Power distribution unit models possess high amperage plugs that can offer multiple low amperage outlets. Few of the new power distribution units like standalone PDUs are arranged by army and accounts for a very niche power distribution unit market. Increasing requirement of data centers to maximize consumption of power and the rising cost of power has resulted in demand for efficient and monitored distribution of power & PDUs.

The universal power distribution unit market is mainly driven by rise in the degree of data generated worldwide. Rising population all across the world is augmenting the data level that is generated across different market sections like Telecommunications industry, information technology sector, BFSI sector and government sector. Data generation is caused due to many factors like increase in amount of unstructured data from operations, rise in incursion of process mechanization in the power sector and rise in level of sensor data of machines. Growing quantity of data has naturally invoked the demand for data centers all around the world. In addition to this, global economic development, rise in the amount of internet users and growing global trends for internet shopping has raised the demand for data centers. In addition to this, large scale acceptance of virtualization and cloud computing across all business verticals in the world has also elevated the demand for data centers. The growing demand for data centers has positively affected the power distribution unit market. Data centers depend heavily upon power distribution units for supply of power to network parts of a support server. Further, power distribution units (PDUs) are also used to detect the use of power by each part of the support server and then reduce the total consumption of power all through data centers. Additionally, PDUs also help to lessen the server downtime. Taking into consideration all these positive successful outcomes of PDUs, demand for the power distribution unit is all set to increase during the predicted time span from 2014 to 2021.

Region of North America holds the largest market share in today in terms of revenue followed by Europe and Asia Pacific. The point distribution unit market in Europe is also motivated by an increase in acceptance of cloud computing and server virtualization. Growing use of internet, high industrial development, rise in capital investment in industrial infrastructure & real estate projects and high fiscal growth are some of the factors adding to the enhanced market growth of power distribution units in the Asia pacific Zone.

Universal power distribution unit market is segmented into four market sections based types, power phase, applications and geographical locations. Depending upon the types, the power distribution unit market is categorized into metered type, basic type, monitored type and switched type. Based on the power phase the market is bifurcated into three phase and single phase. The global power distribution unit market is segmented into six market sections like Telecom & IT sector, BFSI (Banking, Financial Services & Insurance) sector, energy sector, government sector and healthcare sector based on the applications/uses. On basis of geographical locations, the worldwide PDU market is divided into four areas: Zone of Europe, Region of North America, Asia Pacific Zone and Rest of the World. Increasing demand for storage of data and power consumption monitoring in data centers has greatly impacted the market growth of PDUs (power distribution units) in these regions. The market growth for PDU used in Information Technology & Telecom sector in these regions is inspired by aspects like expanding IT infrastructure. Also, the aim of limiting operating cost by the way of optimal use of power in data centers is one of the key factors contributing towards     the growth of power distribution unit market in these geographical locations.

The market research study report includes competitive profiling of market players leading in the PDU business and market share of these key market players. This information helps the users in taking strategic business decisions after going through the report which also includes comprehensive strategic analysis of the market sections. The market share analysis and market attractiveness analysis of the companies provided in the market research report gives the users an insight into competitive dynamics, growth dynamics and competition going on in the PDU market. The research report also helps users devise successful business plans by providing detailed information and analysis of the current business strategies adopted (& executed) by key market participants.

The research study also reviews the macro and micro economic factors affecting the business growth of new entrants as well as current market players. It also includes comprehensive market research of the limitations, drivers and opportunities driving/inspiring/motivating the growth of power distribution unit market. The market drivers are further categorized into demand side drivers, supply side drivers and economic drivers. All these aspects of market help the users in determining different ongoing trends of market and study their impact on the potential business growth. Considering various factors affecting the growth of power distribution unit market, the research report sketches a holistic picture of the universal PDU market along with a predicted market growth for the period 2014 to 2021.

Few of the key market players of the PDU industry /business are Eaton Corporation, Cyber Power Systems, Raritan Incorporation, Emerson Electric Corporation, Leviton, Server Technology Incorporation, Cisco Systems Incorporation, Enlogic and Schneider Electric.

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