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Global Saturated Polyester Resin Market - Size, Share, Trends and Forecasts to 2019

The worldwide saturated polyester resin market has experienced rapid expansion in the last couple of years. This development is expected to persist in the future. Improvement in consumer and industrial use, innovative methods and creation of new applications for the utilization of saturated polyester resin are the key factors influencing the world wide saturated polyester resin market along with greater emphasis on its varying applications and types.

The saturated polyester resin market is analyzed depending upon its geographical locations and applications of the saturated polyester resin in different industries. The market of saturated polyester resin is bifurcated depending upon its applications in industries like automotive plants, flexible packaging of printing inks & film primers, powder coatings and PU coatings. Each of these applications finds its detailed description in the saturated polyester resin market research report study along with volume of sales and profit forecasts for every application and cost benefit analysis of each application. The saturated polyester resin market is also divided into four market sections based on its geographical locations ,namely, Region of Asia Pacific, Zone of North America, European Continent and Rest of the World.

The saturated polyester resin market is expected to make an estimated profit of 1290 million USD in the forecasted period of 2012 to 2019 with a CAGR of about 5 % between the years 2014 to 2019. The industry is witnessing a massive growth usually driven by the largely emerging markets areas of the Rest of the World and regions of Asia Pacific Zone. Large amount of investments are made by the key market players in the industry in order to serve the end user and earn large chunk of profits from their investments in the industry.

Asia Pacific Zone has dominated the universal saturated polyester resin market. It accounted for more than thirty percent market share of the total worldwide demand for saturated polyester resin in year 2012. This zone is projected to improve the total consumption of saturated polyester resin in next few years due to high market growth potential of countries such as India and China falling/located in this geographical location.

The market research study report provides a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of the world wide saturated polyester resin market. It provides in-depth research study of the competition between the key players of the market along with the market competitive scenario. The report has profiled top industry players along with the description of their organization profile, financial overview, business strategy, product portfolio and level of competitiveness. The report provides information about the trends of market, porter’s five force analysis model, supply chains, market inhibitors, market growth markets, limitations of the markets, present & future technological trends in market, distribution channels, value chain analysis, strategic analysis and SWOT analysis along with the pictorial graphical representation of data through bar charts, pie charts, tables and diagrams. It provides micro and macro factors of the market essential for the business growth of the existing market players as well as new entrants.

The key market players of the saturated polyester resin business/industry include Hitachi Chemicals, Bayer Coatings, Nuplex and DSM Resins.

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