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Snail-Based Cosmetics Market to Grow at an Estimated CAGR of 6% During the Forecast Period 2022-2030

The market for snail-based cosmetics is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 6% during the forecast period of 2023 and 2031. Stretch marks, dry skin, acne, age spots, rosacea, and burns are the ailments that drive the demand for snail cosmetic goods. Anti-aging and anti-acne lotions containing snail slime are gaining popularity among the elderly due to their wrinkles and acne problems. Increased knowledge of snail mucin's beauty-enhancing oxidants, including hyaluronic acid, proteins, elastin, antioxidants, glycolic acid, and antimicrobials, is projected to accelerate market expansion in the near future. Utilizing more natural ingredients in skincare products also adds to market growth. Key market participants in the global snail beauty products market are utilizing methods like product portfolio growth and mergers and acquisitions to strengthen their global presence.

snail cosmetics are formulated from snail slime. Snail slime is a mucus secreted by the snail's exoskeleton. The slime provides protection against cuts, wounds, and UV light for the snail. In Southern Italy, women used snail mucus or snail slime to heal wounds and soothe the skin. Thailand continues to be the leader in the use of snail beauty products. Snail mucus is present in anti-aging treatments, face creams, serums, face masks, moisturizers, and toners. These are readily available through online sites. The benefits of snail beauty products include skin healing and restoration, exfoliation, and hydration.

In ancient Greece, snail slime was applied to wounds and burns to promote healing. Currently, snail slime is used to create serums, face masks, moisturizers, and anti-fade creams that are mostly used to treat acne and rosacea, age spots, dry skin, wrinkles, stretch marks, razor bumps, burns, scars, and flat warts. The market for snail beauty products is primarily driven by an increase in the preference for grooming among middle-aged consumers, a shift in preference toward natural skin-enhancing ingredients, and an increase in snail farming. The rising demand for snail beauty products is a result of the rise in skin disorders. This is an important factor that is expected to influence the growth of the market for snail beauty products. Increasing demand for snail skin care products made with natural ingredients, as well as a higher emphasis on physical attractiveness, are fuelling the snail beauty goods market. The expansion of snail beauty products such as snail skin care, snail spa therapy, snail beauty cream, cell regeneration cream, snail products for acne, snail face skincare products, and multipurpose creams is expected to enhance market statistics in the next years.

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With the senior population expected to grow by more than 8% in the coming years, the need for a variety of cosmetics is forecast to increase. As a result of this desire, snail-based anti-aging products are anticipated to gain significant appeal. In the coming years, it is projected that the features of snail beauty products that reduce skin issues such as acne and rashes and boost skin sensitivity through increased collagen and elastin production will gain broad popularity. In addition to an increase in the use of alternative medicine, a surge in the popularity of snail cosmetic products is also one of the key contributing reasons.

Governments of many European nations finance investments in enterprises such as snail farming. William Reed Ltd. reports that Guerdon sells 40 to 50 tonnes (25 million baby snails) to French farms annually. Due to its relaxing, therapeutic, and anti-aging properties, the dermatological business is increasingly using snail extract (to treat burns, etc.). Snails and other invertebrates are a significant source of protein.

It is projected that the market share of snail beauty products would increase consistently over the next several years due to a rise in advertising for these goods. A rise in celebrity endorsements on television and social media platforms is likely to enhance the market throughout the forecast period. In the near future, it is projected that a growth in customer desire for beauty products, an increase in disposable money, and an increase in the development of new products would enhance market potential.

Asia-Pacific had the largest revenue share of the global snail cosmetics market in 2021. During the projected period, it is anticipated that the region will continue to hold the preeminent position. South Korea held a substantial revenue share in Asia-Pacific in 2021. A movement in consumer preference toward natural skin care ingredients has a positive impact on the market for snail extract-containing cosmetic products. According to the South Korean government, South Korea is the eighth-largest cosmetics market in the world by sales volume. According to market trends, the increasing popularity of snail spas in Japan, Thailand, and Korea is driving demand for snail beauty products in Asia-Pacific.

The global market is moderately fragmented, with a few main firms controlling a substantial share. The snail beauty products market is significantly spending in R&D to manufacture customized goods with cutting-edge technologies. Benton, COSRX, Eveline Cosmetics, KOSÉ Corporation, Missha, Mizon Co., Ltd., TianDeRheinlandHalabis GmbH, Tonymoly Co., Ltd., and YEOUTH are leaders in the industry.

Among the most recent market developments are the following:

On September 1, 2022, AMOREPACIFIC US, INC. acquired Tata's Natural Alchemy, LLC, a luxury skincare brand, in an effort to expand its business and reach the global market, with a particular focus on North American consumers. By expanding its distribution channels, it is projected that the Korean cosmetics behemoth will expand its operations in the Americas and Europe while implementing measures to expand its presence in Asia.

On February 24, 2022, AMOREPACIFIC US, INC. joined the EcoBeautyScore Consortium. The EcoBeautyScore Consortium is a global initiative that intends to produce an environmental impact scoring system for beauty goods and a standardized scoring system based on a shared scientific approach, database, and instrument. The objective is to assist consumers in evaluating and comparing the environmental impact of cosmetic products throughout their entire lifecycle, so enabling them to make better-educated decisions.

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