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Global Substation Automation Market - Size, Share, Trends and Market Forecasts to 2020

Substation automation is a fundamental part of electrical system used for generating, transmitting and distributing electricity. The arrangement of equipments used to change the traits of electric supply like power factor, voltage and frequency is termed as substation. Substations receive high voltage of electricity from the transmission center and they reduce the voltage to the correct/exact level so that it can be utilized for local distribution. The impact and build metrics are the key measures/factors used to decide the efficacy of a substation which is automated. Build metrics examines the progress while constructing the infrastructure of the smart grid. It is same kind as the project management metrics. Impact metrics decides the effect on the grid response and on its related infrastructure, human resources and the customers after the smart grid deployment/installation. The substation automation market is segmented into programmable logic controller, recloser controller, digital transducer, capacitor bank controller, digital relays and load tap controller.

The communication channel consists four sections which encompasses power line communication, ethernet, optical fiber communication and copper wire communication. Substation is divided into various sections like intelligent electronic devices, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and communication network based on the modules. The need for improving the grid relialibility and efficiency is one of the key aspects driving the substation automation market growth.

Apart from this, the increased requirement to minimize distribution and transmission loss is also contributing to the development of substation automation market. Further, the necessity to lessen the outrage period through real time faults supervision and using automated systems to continue the services is also encouraging the substation automation market growth.

North America has dominated the substation automation market as it possesses many automated substations. In addition to this, the rising demand for smart grids as well as electricity is contributing to the growth of the substation automation market. Region of Asia Pacific is the rapidly evolving market for substation automation and is projected to expand at very rapid rate. The substation automation market growth in this region can be attributed to upcoming cost saving power utilities and rapid industrial growth in the region. China and India are the key market sectors nourishing the growth of substation automation market in Asia-Pacific Zone. Rest of the World (ROW) consists of Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Middle East possesses the highest market share in this ROW while region of Africa is contributing towards the substation automation market growth in this ROW. The reason for this being increase in demand for electricity in these regions that adds to the growth and expansion of the substation automation business/industry in ROW zone. The market is segmented into four geographical locations: Rest of the world, Europe, Asia Pacific and North America.

Substation automation market is estimated to grow at the constant rate in future at compounded annual growth rate of 5.5 % from 2013 to 2020. The research study offers strategic analysis of the market and market prediction for time span 2013 to 2020. The research study (report) consists of competitive market analysis of different sections of market depending upon the parts, module and comprehensive cross-sectional study of the substation automation market across various geographical sections. The report also includes market attractiveness analysis and porter’s five forces analysis which provides business insights into dynamics of competitive market and competition in the industry. The research study also encompasses the profiles of the leading industry players along with their market portion and different business strategies executed by them. In this way it promotes strategic decision making in business of substation automation.
The research study also offers review of various aspects such as industry drivers, market limitations and market chances that determine the growth of the market. These aspects also find out the ongoing trends of market and measure their impact on the size & structure of market. The research study does detail analysis of the global substation automation market and gives a detail picture of its predicted market growth between the time intervals of 2013 to 2020.

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