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Global Ultracapacitors Market - Size, Share, Trends and Forecasts to 2019

Ultracapacitors are those double-layer electrochemical equipments that can store more energy than ordinary capacitors. Global Ultracapacitors market is forecasted to experience high rate of growth in coming years. This is due to increase in demand of Ultracapacitors applications in various business verticals such as electronics industry, energy sector, automotive sector, military sector and industrial sector. Recently, driven by its several uses in automotive sector in trains and HEVs, this Ultracapacitors market is predicted to evolve as a best substitute for traditional batteries market.

The Ultracapacitors market has been divided into different market sections based upon the applications and geographical locations. Depending upon the applications, the market section is divided into four regions: Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World. In the given geographical locations, key nations such as UK, USA, Japan, China and Germany are covered in depth. The given market section based on the applications can be subdivided as: Bus, Train and Autos belonging to automotive sector, Cranes, mining, smart grid and valves belonging to industrial sector, Wind, energy harvesting and solar belonging to Energy sector while non-volatile RAM, UPS and solid state disk drive belonging to electronics sector.

The Ultracapacitors market is projected to earn revenue of more than S 3000 in year 2019 at a CAGR of 25 % from 2012 to 2019. Depletion of natural resources and increasing emissions of carbon dioxide in atmosphere is paving way for alternate means of transport. Maximum efforts are taken by both private as well as public sectors to minimize green house effects and save fuel. Strict government rules related to carbon emissions is driving the growth of Ultracapacitors market. Government regulations like 95g/km carbon dioxide emissions in Zone of Europe and Corporate Average Fuel Economy in USA are the key aspects supporting the expansion of Ultracapacitors market in these regions.

Also the rising trend and requirement for eco-friendly energy storage solutions is increasing the demand for alternate energy storage solutions. Ultracapacitors are projected to replace batteries in future. The ‘go green’ factor and strict government regulations related to the carbon emissions throughout the project period of 2012 to 2019 are going to be the prime aspects supporting the universal growth of the Ultracapacitors market in future.

The key factors restraining the market growth of Ultracapacitors are low awareness about the technological aspects of Ultracapacitors and high costs associated with the production & manufacture of Ultracapacitors.

Topographically, the region of Asia Pacific holds the major market share in the Ultracapacitors market. Australia, China, Japan, India and Singapore are the key market economies contributing to the growth of Ultracapacitors market in this region of Asia Pacific Zone. There is an increasing demand for Ultracapacitors in the countries like Japan and China. China is the leading producer of Ultracapacitors and strict execution of the rules & regulations related to emissions of carbon dioxide from vehicles in this region is expected to contribute towards the growth of Ultracapacitors market in the country. Ultracapacitors are widely used in the hybrid buses in China which is further adding to the growth of the market in Asia Pacific Zone.

Key industry players of Ultracapacitors market include Panasonic, Nesscap Company Limited, Maxwell Technologies, VINATech and LS Mtron where Maxwell technologies earns maximum share of revenue today.

This market research study report includes the market drivers, market restraints, market limitations, market avenues, market forecasts, sales forecasts and current industry trends. It also includes the porter five forces analysis, SWOT analysis, market attractiveness analysis, product portfolio analysis, business strategies of competitors, supply chain analysis, competitive analysis, market environment dynamics and value chain analysis of the market segments along with illustrative examples and graphical representation of the data. The report study will help the producers, dealers and distributors to know the current market trends as well as future market trends and form their business plans accordingly.

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