Global Urethane Adhesives Market - Size, Share, Trends and Forecasts to 2022

10 Jun 2015

Urethane adhesives are solitary component moisture curing adhesives which cure when they are exposed to humidity either in the atmosphere or substrate. A small amount of carbon dioxide is released in atmosphere during the cure. This does not affect the bonding procedure. While processing urethane adhesives one should take note of skimming period. The main reason behind for this is that after the elapsing of the skimming period urethane adhesives harden on facade by forming a skin due to which wetting of the second substrate is impossible. Curing of urethane adhesive layer takes place from outer surface to inner surface at a speed/pace of few millimeters each day. Urethane adhesives which are moisture curing also exist in curing hot belts form.

The global urethane adhesives market has been experiencing a rapid growth due to its rampant use in construction sectors, packaging industries and automobile sectors. These adhesives are used for protection and lamination in these industries. In its cured form, urethane adhesives are flexible and elastic. Also they are ideal for bonding different materials that might have different flex properties or different thermal expansion properties. Due to the above properties of moisture curing urethane adhesives, single component polyurethane structures are used where materials with extensively varying elongation under loads and varying thermal coefficients of expansion should be linked like the bonding of floor plates to steel supports , bonding of glass-fiber reinforced plastics to aluminum wall and bonding of glass-fiber reinforced plastics to steel.

Urethane adhesives are extremely hard. They build impact-resistant bonds with sheer strength and high peel. They are chemical resistant, weather resistant and fitted for outdoor use as they have the inbuilt characteristics/features that can withstand extreme climatic conditions. Urethane adhesives possess excellent property of abrasion resistance. They are optimal for bonding facades subject to frictional forces like marine assemblies, concrete & wood flooring. In terms of the global urethane adhesives market, urethane adhesives account for the many consumed items. This urethane adhesives market is projected to experience quick expansion and growth over the anticipated period mainly due to large scale improvements in product creation.

Regions of Asia Pacific Zone hold the largest market share in terms of area in the worldwide urethane adhesives market. It is followed by regions of North America and Europe. Growth of main end user sectors such as construction sector and transportation sector, specifically in the developing economies if China and India are expected to increase the demand for the adhesives in the forecasted time interval. The urethane adhesives market in China is predicted to grow significantly due to the country’s growing demand for high quality items and rapid growth of the construction business industry in the country. Many of the urethane adhesives are used in construction activities in China. Here residential construction businesses as well as commercial construction businesses make optimum use of urethane adhesives accounting for large share in urethane adhesives market.

Growing demand for urethane adhesives on account of fast evolving /emerging construction sector is estimated to increase the demand for urethane adhesives in future. However, rise in amount of construction activities, mainly in the BRICS region (consisting of the nations like Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) is expected to add to the growth and demand for urethane adhesives. Rising concerns about environmental pollution & environmental hazards related to urethane adhesives applications /uses and mass production of the bio-adhesives as a perfect substitution for urethane adhesives can limit the growth of the urethane adhesives market.

The market research study report examines the market on the basis of market sections, key geographical locations and current trends of market. Geographical locations analyzed under this market research study include regions of Europe, Asia Pacific, Rest of the World and North America.

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Firms such as Dow Chemical Company, Henkel AG & Company, Lord Corporation, H.B Fuller Company, BASF, 3M Company and RPM International Incorporation are the key producers of urethane adhesives who have dominated the urethane adhesives market.

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