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Google May Solve Clicking Sound Issue Of Pixel 2 Soon

It is not a very long time when Google brought Pixel 2 in the market. This smartphone is appearing as a new competitor for premium models but some newest developments are not good for Pixel brand. Some users have complained that their models have a unique clicking and high pitch frequency sound which is annoying for many people. Now the official Pixel forum has made the statement. A Community Manager is saying that Google has started investigating the issue. It is important to mention here that not all the devices are making the noise but still, it is tough to neglect this matter.

The Community Manager of Pixel forum is also saying that this noise will not affect the performance of the device. Users can check all the functions without any difficulty. However, if you still find the noise disturbing then you can simply switch off the NFC. This will assist you to keep the disturbing noise away till you get the permanent solution. Currently, we do not have the exact number of users who are facing this issue but the number is small. Google has not declared the date when the users will start getting the solution. The company is aware of the matter and it is the reason that they didn’t take much time to address this concern.

The clicking and ticking sound is the new thing which is bothering a few users. However, we have seen before that many people were talking about the OLED panels also. These users were making a point that Google has not included the finest panels this time. Therefore the display is not up to the expectations. Some people were also talking about the screen-related concerns. It is vital for Pixel brand to move ahead into the market very cautiously. They are new in the market and a wrong step can hamper their plans with ease.

People who got the issue of clicking sounds were restarting the device. They also performed some other steps like utilizing the functions on safe mode as well as the factory reset. But they didn’t get the solution. It is important to contact Google to get the right solution for the same if the issue is still there. Google may bring the solution soon but before that, you should turn off the NFC to avoid the clicking sound. The permanent solution may arrive within next few days.

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