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Google Pixel Got Hacked within a Minute at PwnFest

A team of white hat hackers took just a minute to hack Google Pixel at the PwnFest. The team completed the task with the help of undisclosed zero-day vulnerability. Google was offering the amount of $120,000 for the same and Qihoo 360 team showed interest on it. The gained the remote access in no time and hacked the model easily. These white hat hackers are doing the job in a way that it is appearing supportive for a lot of gadget owners.

Google knows the importance of this release by hackers. Therefore company will not take much time to release a new security patch. The hackers have clearly showed what is important for Google to make the gadget safe. Therefore Google will not take much time to safeguard their models. Owners of these models can stay relaxed because Google is looking to provide the support immediately. The hackers are working with an established software company in China. Therefore owners of Google Pixel need not have to worry as Google is supporting their customers.

These types of competitions are actually helpful for the smartphone industry. It helps the makers to remove the shortcomings and provide additional security layers to the gadget. Google will not like to compromise with the security of their gadgets. Therefore market is expecting from them to bring some additional safety measures which will make the model safe in coming times. This is the second time Qihoo 360 team did this type of task. Last time they managed to hack Tesla Model S and they were controlling the locks and many other functions without any difficulty. Later on the team was ready to help the makers to remove these flaws.

Qihoo 360 team this time managed to hack Google Pixel. They were able to check the user data and almost everything was exposed in a short span of time. The team was able to hack many vital things like emails, messages, videos and photos. They were also able to hack all the card details of the users. Moreover they were also able to check phone contacts. This team was able to earn $520,000 in total because they exposed many other things apart from these details. Now Google will certainly work on these sections to protect their gadgets. The owners of Google Pixel model need not have to worry anything at this point of time.

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