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Governor Scott Announces 84 More Jobs Coming To Port Redwing

Florida Governor Rick Scott has proudly announced the addition of 84 new jobs at Tampa Tank and Florida Structural Steel in the Port Redwing area. The announcement was made as the governor and his entourage surveyed the 25-acre site with Tampa Tank CEO David Hale on Tuesday.

Tampa Tank moved to Port Redwing three months ago. Port Redwing is a portion of the port along Tampa Bay just north of the Tampa Electric Big Bend Power Station. The company received property tax breaks, as well as state and county incentives, to expand its business and increase its workforce.

Tampa Tank is the first business being built in that area. Hale said that the location was ideal for the company because it allowed products to be shipped easily by rail, ship or truck. A considerable portion of the company’s projects involves exporting its products to various countries around the world.

Tampa Tank has been in business for 63 years. Recent projects for the company have included a pedestrian bridge for Austin, the world’s largest coal conveyor system for Louisiana, and a four-span drawbridge for Miami. The company will also be involved in the rebuild of Interstate 4 through Orlando, creating three steel bridges for the project.

During the visit, the governor congratulated the company and its employees on their success. The governor was pleased that the company decided to expand close to home, instead of moving to or expanding in another state or in the Bahamas. The governor said in his remarks, “It’s fun to watch all the things getting built here.”

The company says that 84 job positions would be available at its new Port Redwing facility and 24 jobs will be added at its headquarters in Ybor City. The company said that 33 of the 108 jobs have been filled to date. Tampa Tank also announced that it would be investing $18 million in capital and infrastructure improvements.

During the visit, the governor also talked about the jobs created in Tampa since ascending to the office four and a half years ago. In the past year, the Tampa region has added 32,900 jobs. The unemployment rate in the area has fallen to 5.3 percent

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