How to Setup Clubhouse on Android?

25 May 2021

Clubhouse is out of beta testing and now available on Google Play Store for Android Smartphones. So that users can download it and use it directly.

What is Clubhouse?

The clubhouse is an audio-based social media platform where several people can gather around on a call in real-time for video conferencing. Nowadays, video conferencing is the need of time in each and every field. 

How to Download Clubhouse App on Android?

A step-by-step guide is given below:

1.  Open Google Play Store and tap on search. Type Clubhouse using the keypad.

2.  From search result on clubhouse drop-in audio app

3.  Click On the Install button to start downloading.

4.  Now, the clubhouse app is downloaded to your smartphone. 

How to create a new account on clubhouse?

1.  Open the Clubhouse app and then tap on get your username

2.  Enter your contact number and you will receive an OTP

3.  Enter your first_name and last_name

4.  Select a username. After that, the Clubhouse app will send a text message as “your account is ready”. 

How to sign in to the Clubhouse app? 

Open the Clubhouse app and enter your contact number and OTP will be received into the Clubhouse account.  You can use Google Account to log in as well. 

How to start a new room in Clubhouse? 

1.       Tap on start a room button from the bottom of the screen

2.      Choose the room type from open, social, and closed.

3.      Tap on choose people.

4.      Select the contacts you want to add to the room.

5.      Click on Done.

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