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Inhalation Anesthesia Market Analysis By Product (Sevoflurane, Isoflurane, Desflurane), By Application (Induction, Maintenance) And Segment Forecasts To 2022

Inhalation Anesthesia Market Overview:

Worldwide inhalation anesthesia market volume was valued at 1.1 billion US dollars in year 2014. Main development aspects of inhalation anesthesia market include fast rise in geriatric population suffering from chronic ailments like cancer, cardiovascular, neurological, and respiratory and other health diseases like spinal problems, gastro intestinal problems and orthopedic problems.

Growing occurrence of cataract is also one of the aspects contributing to the growth of the day care ambulatory surgeries market. It is further predicted to boost the use of inhalation anesthesia during the estimated time span. Rise in the amount of cases of emergency and accidents are also predicted to positively affect the growth of inhalation anesthesia market.

Anesthesia recycling is predicted to play a vital part in shaping the market forces and providing new dimensions to the inhalation anesthesia business. It is also predicted to shape the dynamics of inhalation anesthesia market and add new dimensions to it. Increase in demand for recycling and strict rules regarding the product use has an indirect effect on the business environment and growth of inhalation anesthesia market.

Universally, these anesthetic gases add to about one percentage of carbon dioxide to atmosphere and thus cause greater damage to environment. It also adds to the global warming effect which disturbs regular frequency of seasonal cycles.

As per the global data statistics, the key concern in use of these gases by patients is only five percent. The rest ninety five percent is released in the environment leading to effect of global warming on environment.

To address the environmental effect of anesthetic gases, new methods and techniques are created to search for the anesthetic gases from hospital emissions, reprocess them and then reutilize the reprocessed gases. Recycling systems are recently being created by two firms namely Deltasorb technologies and Anesthesia reclamation LLC. 

Inhalation Anesthesia Market By Product :

Product sections consist of Isoflurane, Sevoflurane and Desflurane. These are used for maintenance and induction of anesthesia for patients at the time of surgeries. Universally, Sevoflurane is extensively used for generation of anesthesia due to its curative benefits and low prices.

Sevoflurane contributes to about seventy percent of the total market share in inhalation anesthesia market. Use of Isoflurane and Desflurane depends upon the necessities and requirements of patients. It also depends upon the requirement for expanded maintenance and initiation of anesthesia. The volume of Sevoflurane market is estimated to surpass one billion US dollars by end of year 2022.

Isoflurane is used in limited way for anesthesia initiation due to its characteristics, traits and features like longer period of induction. The Isoflurane industry is predicted to observe a profitable expansion and growth of about ten percent during the estimated time span.

Inhalation Anesthesia Market By Region:

Inhalation anesthesia market of North America was the biggest in year 2014 due to growing prevalence of different ailments in aging population and presence of advanced healthcare amenities in this region.

Asia Pacific Zone is predicted to be the rapidly growing zone. Main factors adding to its quick growth are rise in private and public healthcare expenses, rise in occurrence of chronic ailments and penetration of healthcare insurance to people.

Rise in medical tourism combined with fast insurance penetration coverage will help more persons to go for surgical operations and is predicted to significantly increase geographical demand. Growth of ambulatory centers of healthcare is predicted to fulfill the needs of the rising population of Asia Pacific region thus, driving the growth of inhalation anesthesia market during the estimated period.

Competitive Landscape:

Key market players like Baxter and Abbvie have dominated the worldwide inhalation anesthesia market. In next few years, these market participants are predicted to experience a tough challenging competition from generic producers such as Lunan Pharmaceuticals as well as Piramal Healthcare.

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