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iPad Air 3 going to join next year Black Friday: rumors, release date, specs and price

We really missed iPad Air 3, the company announced iPhone 6S and iPad Pro back in September. It was a big success, over 13 million iPhone 6S phones have been sold-out in just three days after launch. According to the Apple press release, the reason for the success sale is its 3D touch technology. Tim Cook stated, the customer feedback was incredible for the 3D technology. Apple rumored iPad Air 2 (Black Friday) price drop off leads to release iPad Air 3 soon. However, we can’t expect Apple iPad 3 launch in the mid-March. A few days to go, the holiday shopping festival is coming! Most of the retailers started listing huge discount on their products.

According to rumored features, the upcoming iPad Air 3 sporting A9X chipset that boost 4GB RAM. Some rumor suggests, the device may come out with A9 chipset and 3GB RAM-we are not sure about it. The former iPhone 6 couldn’t pass bend test due to its weak body. Much like iPhone 6S, iPad Air 3 will cover 7000 series aluminium body. This piece of outer layer can avoid over-heating and gives stronger panel.

As we look back to the history, the first iPad Air was released back in November, which followed by predecessor iPad Air 2 (October). Hence, most of the fans expecting 3th generation iPad release date in March. Moreover, the minimum storage iPad Air 3 could cost you £399. Apple also includes 64GB and 128GB storage variants in upcoming flagship. Interestingly, the company also unlocks iPad Air 3 in the rose gold edition. Apart from clear cut design, the upcoming flagship going to add a 9.7-inch 4K display and 3D touch technology. Additionally, we have 8-megapixel iSight camera and 2-megapixel selfie shooter.

If Apple included Air 3 flagship with iPad Pro and iPhone 6S, a lot of large sized devices could be overloaded on the launch. Due to the 3-4 devices launch, consumers could find difficult to select the best one. It would be confusing, Apple doesn’t want to join iPad Air 3 in the iPhone 6S launch event. Let’s hope for the best, we look forward more update on iPad Air 3 and get back to you.

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