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iPad Pro Screen Freeze Bug Reported; Apple Inc Responded With A Quick Fix

While we all thought that Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) guarantees faultless gadgets, there is new news around the corner which clearly disproves this idea. The newly released iPad Pro is already experiencing a whole lot of problems and one of them is the Screen Freeze issue.

A whole host of electronic gadgets faces these issues, and now even Apple too cannot be entirely exempted from the list. These problems are now tainted the brand value of Apple, and customers are now turning disappointed. The technicians at Apple have agreed that this problem exists on most of the Apple iPad Pro device models and has to be critically considered to be resolved.

The customers of iPad Pro faced issues recently in relation to the screen. They have observed that whenever the Apple iPad Pro was plugged in, the phone immediately started to get unresponsive. The screen was said to have turned black by multiple taps on the screen or button pressing. It further couldn’t be operated or used, and the problem was recently discussed about on Apple Support Communities. People do come up with assumptions of it being a mere charge related issue, and occurs only when the device is plugged in.

But, Apple didn’t leave its customers alone to deal with the problem, but instead has posted DIY instruction on its site to solve the issue. What Apple has instructed on its support community is about how one can resolve this issue by merely pressing and hold down of Sleep and Home button. This has turned to be a menace to most of the Apple users, as the solution provided doesn’t really go into the root of the problem, but superficially tries to resolve.

It has also been reported that it’s not just one model of iPad Pro that has been affected, but both, 32 and 128 GB. This is a clear indication that none of the models of iPad Pro are faultless, and every one of these comes with a hardware/software problem. This iPad Pro was supposed to be standing as a rival to all desktop computers due to its suitability on professional grounds. It was targeted towards the business and professional class, in order to make easier, productive work without the need of a desktop computer.

This concept of iPad Pro being the newest version of an iPad needed more publicity than other Apple devices in order to build its credibility for new product niches. With the nasty display issues taking a front seat, it has now been quite a challenging task for Apple to sustain the brand value it’s acquired over the years. Although, this is not the first time that Apple faced an issue like this, sales of the device would probably be affected if the problem continues.

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