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Apple iPhone 7 rumors: 3.5mm Headphone Jack Excluded in the Next iPhone

According to the latest rumors, the Cupertino based company planning to remove 3.5mm headphone jack in upcoming iPhone 7 Smartphone. When it comes to Smartphones, most of the consumers always make a decision in features and size. The device, which has innovative features and good design is very important to reach expected sales revenue. Apple proved it! Their 3D technology feature is a key feature of the iPhone 6S success. Apple’s iPhone 6S third quarter sales claimed massive profit and great feedback from consumers.

Soon after the launch, the company moved on to iPhone 7 production. As iPhone 6S had a huge success on innovative features, the company’s next generation iPhone would also unlock new features and utilities. We had covered many speculations of iPhone 7, you can find it here.

Apple engineers pulling off 3.5mm headphone audio jack to reduce the Smartphone thickness. In result, we can confirm that Lighting or Bluetooth-connected headphone would be the next trend in iPhone.

According to the Mac Otakara reports, a slight view on “dubbed iPhone 7” video shows a 1mm audio jack. The size of dubbed iPhone 7 seems to insane tech improvement. If you look at iPhone 6S features, the company shrank 3.5mm audio jack module in the internal hardware.

A few months ago, Apple rumored on lightning-enabled headphone accessories for iOS and OS X. The lightning audio module can supply electricity to headphone, whereas former audio module provides access to system controls and increase bandwidth. If lightning audio module rumors come true, the iPhone 7 consumer needs to carry Bluetooth connected headphone in the future. The company aims to bring a small outcome and innovation in the iPhone 7 hardware.

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