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iPhone 7 is now the Costliest Smartphone by Apple

The pre-order of iPhone 7 has now started but this information is not that much good for many buyers. This next iPhone model is appearing to be the costliest model by Apple and The UK smartphone market may get affected with it. The value of pound is not that much strong as before after the Brexit decision. It has undoubtedly affected the market conditions and Apple has decided to increase the price of their products. The step is going to change the price-tag of iPhone 7, iPad as well as many other products including accessories.

Pre-order of iPhone 7 has already started around the globe. If you compare the price of this year’s base model of iPhone with the last year then it is not tough to find the difference. The base model of iPhone 7 costs £599 which is £40 more than the previous model. Many people may argue that storage is now two times more than the last year’s gadget. However they forget to check the price of previous model with same capacity due to which they are not getting the points clearly. You may already know that The UK has decided to leave the European Union. It has downgraded the value of pound. Therefore the price has increased this time. Many other things like Apple Pencil have also become costly. Therefore it will definitely show the impact on company’s sales record.

There is no doubt that Apple has designed the new iPhone7 intelligently. They have removed the headphone jack this time and they are now using this space to include a Taptic Engine. You can also find a second speaker at the bottom section of this gadget. Apple tried to enhance the quality of stereo sound with this new design and they indeed got success here. The price of new iPhone 7 has not changed in the USA. The 32GB base model costs $649 whereas the price of 128GB and 256GB models is $749 and $849 respectively. Similarly you can purchase 32GB iPhone 7 Plus in $769 only. Price of 128GB and 256GB iPhone 7 Plus models are $869 and $969 respectively. Keep in mind that we are talking about contract-free prices only. There are some carriers who are offering freebies to their customers. T-mobile has launched a special exchange programme. They have decided to offer a free iPhone 7 after receiving a working iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S model. You can contact T-Mobile to know all the terms and conditions of this offer.

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