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LG tries its best with Watch Urbane 2 LTE smartwatch

LG is out with a new and smart wearable this month and it is none other than its Watch Urbane 2 LTE. It is the first and only watch that can independently connect to the internet over the air using LTE. It just does not depend on your phone or Wi-Fi anymore because in a latest update from Google in regard to wearable software, that you can now stay connected in more places.

By the looks of it LG has done a great job in designing and making the smart watch every bit of beauty to make you want it more. Sporting on your wrist, it is a little larger than the first model of Urbane. Wearable has 3 buttons and all have some functions that we will discuss in the review below.

The display is stunning to say the least and it has a quite good battery life. The two great first impressions are that it runs the brand new Android OS Marshmallow and it has a built in speaker. You can absolutely talk to your watch and Google Voice works smooth.

LG Watch Urbane 2 LTE Review:


A sleek, waterproof and wonderful second attempt, where novelty is a much driven factor of this watch making us excited. Overall, it looks fabulous on your wrist and the display has gorgeous colors too. The only drawback is the readability outdoors is a bit dull. We hope LG can improve upon it.

Software – Hardware

Android Marshmallow with LTE, the smart watch is pretty much a device from the future. You can easily press the top of the 3 buttons on the side of the watch to bring your favorite contacts, or small press the middle crown switch on or off your display screen. On pressing it twice the crown rakes the watch to theatre mode and on triple press you can increase the brightness of your dial’s display. The third button is for your fitness and health information. The Google voice with speaker makes this device pretty extendable and LTE connectivity makes it unique.

Battery life

We all want it to last a day outdoors, where you can use it thoroughly without worrying about the battery. It has been just 24 hours the watch is out and we will bring you more battery updates as time passes. Keep watching this space for more.

LG Watch Urbane 2 LTE Price

Urbane 2 from LG is available with Verizon and AT&T only. Pricing is kept at $300 by AT&T and at $500by Verizon. You can get it for cheaper rates if you buy it under a contract.


We give it a positive rating of 4/5 and assure you that it is one of the most sought after devices if not perfect put out by LG in 2015.

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