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Lock/Unlock Your Android Phone with These Magical Apps

How do you lock/ unlock your Android phone, by pressing the power button maybe, I used to do that as well, but it was few moths ago, Now, It’s done magically without even touching the power button, yes, that’s possible.

Here is a list of apps that has magical functions built in. Choose whichever you like.

Gravity Screen (Locks & Unlocks)

When you take the phone out of your pocket, it means you want to use it, and this is what Gravity screen does, it knows when you want to use it and unlocks the phone for you. Works on phones with proximity sensors and works quite amazingly.

Wave Unlock (Unlocks)

Wave unlock as the name suggests, let’s you unlock your device just by waving over your phone screen. It works pretty well and has actually got some situations where you will find it useful, for example, when you are having something and your fingers can not precisely perform the action of unlocking, waving over to the screen will  help.

Swipe-Lock (Locks)

Just like you unlock your phone normally, i.e by swiping away from one point, this app lets you perform same action to lock your phone. You have to swipe away from the edge of the screen to lock your screen in the free version, the app has a pro version which lets you swipe away from the bottom as well.

Lock Screen (Locks)

Lock Screen works with Go Launcher, the amazing Launcher that transforms your phone and add more functions to it, one of the functions is a gesture to lock the phone, it could be Double tap, swipe up or swipe down, I’ve selected it to double tap.

I am using the Lock Screen from Go Launcher as I am using it on my phone and this feature is just an addition, plus, it makes it easy to lock the phone without reaching over to the power button.

Let us know your favorite app and which one you are going to try if you haven’t used already.

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