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Microsoft Founder Bill Gates To Invest Around $2 Billion On Climate Change Programs

Microsoft Corportation (NASDAQ:MSFT) founder Bill Gates plans to invest around $2 on the climate care agenda. In a recent statement at United Nations climate change summit, Gates claims to sign the largest “clean energy partnership” reported in the ClimateWare.

The motif behind launching the partnership is to establish the carbon-free energy in both the developed and the developing states, such as USA, India, China and many others. Announced in the national summit on the climate change, the first launch will begin with Paris on Monday.

Bill Gates intends to forge in this historical partnership to save the Earth from the Global Warming. However, for the funding Gates also plans to join hands with the leading Philanthropies, and also harks on the commitment made by the United States to increase their budget for Joint Clean Energy Research and Development Program. Besides this, the negotiation will also be held on the cutting fossil-fuel emissions.

What sounds impressive is the pivotal play of the developing nations, such as India, which is the third largest nation in the world to emit the carbon-based energy. The country has committed to pay for the energy transition either through the direct government bent or through the expenditure in adopting the new technology.

The support to the zero global carbon emissions over the next 35 years will require the strengthening of the power sources such as Nuclear, solar and wind energy power source. Nevertheless, Bill Gates intends to outsource the money to a few creative scholars working in the concerned field.

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