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Microsoft Designing A New Surface Phone

Microsoft didn’t get much success through their Windows phone. Many reports are also suggesting that their much-hyped Surface PC Line also didn’t prove good for the company. They suffered financial losses because of this PC Line but they are determined to make the ‘Surface’ popular into the market. Some new developments hint that the company is working on a new Surface Phone. They publicly showed one of their latest patents which clearly give a clue that they are ready to bring Surface Phone for their customers. The CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella told that they are going to make more phones in future. However, he clearly stated that those phones are not going to look similar to the phones available these days.

The new announcement of Satya Nadella is going to make the things very interesting for the industry. People will be eager to know how the new phones of Microsoft are going to appear different from the current models. This will further increase the competition as the other makers will closely watch this development. This is the second time Satya Nadella discussed this phone. He discussed similar things a few months ago. He said at the beginning of this year that the company will bring the type of phone which will not be defined by the current market leaders. He further stated that the company will check how to do the work in a unique manner to bring an ultimate device.

Microsoft has registered the patent as a wireless communications device. This patent talks about many new things. The gadget can be a bendable smartphone loaded with an antenna. The patent has SIM card holders and battery. It also contains screen connectors split over a hinge which will be capable of creating a dual-winged gadget. Therefore this patent is creating curiosity because there are chances that Microsoft may bring a flexible smartphone. There is no specific information how the gadget is going to be flexible at the time of release.

It is a known fact that Microsoft didn’t get much success in its hardware business so far. They brought some devices and they were hoping that they might become a challenge for the top leaders of this segment. However, it never happened. Therefore it will be interesting to see what Microsoft is going to do this time with their new models. We may get some official details in the last quarter of this year.

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