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Microsoft’s Zune music service will no longer available

Microsoft decided to discontinue Zune music service, which finds very difficult to participate in the competitive world. Zune music subscriber enables to download unlimited number of songs for their Zune media player or Windows PC. Zune Brand owned services like digital music service for Windows PC, music subscription, the video streaming service to Xbox gaming console and many more. The service that comes under Zune brand was marketed by Microsoft itself. 

There is no specific reason for the service retirement. Yesterday, Microsoft stopped to deliver their service on Zune music download and streaming service. Anyhow, the competitors are so happy and continues their work. Zune music service went offline and silent. Hereafter, Zune users cannot download songs or streaming services. If you want to know more, just sign-in to Microsoft account or contact the support via Xbox. According to the reports, the subscribers in the Zune music service are automatically converted to Groove Music pass. The Groove Music pass subscription service is also improbable to make better than other competitors.

Zune is no longer available, the company continues their music service with Groove. A 3-year old new service can hold 38 million tracks.

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