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Mojang releases Crown and Council, A Strategy Game for Free

Recently, Mojang has released a new strategy game on Steam “Crown and Council” and it’s totally free of cost to download the game. The game has been developed by Henrik Pettersson, an artist in Mojang community. The game can be downloaded and installed on any device, that comes with 1GB of RAM and with 300MB of free space on the device. 

By narrowing the point, the Crown and Council isn’t more unique, when compared to other games. This is moreover similar to Risk or Civilization game, and prettier than it. The gameplay reminds us the olden days, when Super Nintendo with MIDI sound effects. Crown and Council, a challenging strategy game, allow its players to build and develop their empire by resisting the intruders. In the meanwhile, the player need to conquer other empires by developing their mighty armies.

By using the kingdom’s treasury gold, the players need to expand their kingdoms by building forts as well as other military buildings. The developer has designed the game in, such as way that, it seems to be very simple to look, but it will be very hard to win the campaign.

On launch event, Majong has announced as,

“simple to play, but not quite so easy to win: do you spend all your cash on universities, hoping to survive long enough that your book-learnin’ makes you unstoppable in the late game? Or do you go for a quick land-grab, hoping to put enough boots on the ground to give you an irreversible early advantage?”

Till now, I haven’t given my shot to the Crown and Council, the release of the game makes the internet very hot with its mind-blowing gameplay. The game comes with 75 maps and also allows the player to create their own maps using the map creator. The game might seem like an old-school game, but playing the game isn’t that much easier. The interesting thing about the game is that, it is totally available for free in steam community and watch the game trailer below,

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