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Motorola May Bring A Gadget With Self-Healing Technology

We have seen different types of smartphone till now. There are gadgets with Bezel-less displays and powerful batteries. The market will soon receive models with glass back. So we can say that a lot is happening in this world and all these things make the market of gadgets attractive. New technologies have the power through which they attract the people to purchase the model. Moreover, they are also beneficial at times because users can perform different types of functions without any difficulty. Apple is known for its innovative technology and at the same time, Samsung is also an established brand who does not shy away to offer new-fangled tools to their customers.

Now, it seems that Apple and Samsung may soon get a competitor in future. Motorola is taking some vital steps in this direction and they are getting ready to offer the new types of functions to their users. There are some reports that Motorola may offer a smartphone which will be capable of removing the scratches from the display. It may be called as self-healing screen technology which will allow the user to repair the screen without investing a big amount.  Many specialists are saying that the company has already acquired the patent for it. The work is already going on for this new gadget. The technology will be able to detect the crack on the display and the user will get the notification for the same.

The notification received by the user can be very handy because the user can apply the heat to the glass up to the limits. This technology can be highly supportive if the scratches are not very big. The solution may not be the best but it will surely help under various circumstances. It generally happens with all of us that we accidentally put some scratches on the gadget. Many times the keys and coins in the pocket offer some scratches and it can be an expensive task to repair the damage. The gadget may not arrive this year but Motorola is taking some steps to design this kind of smartphone. A similar function was also available on LG G Flex 2 but the new patent by Motorola is expected to be a step further in this segment. The technological world keeps improving with every passing year. Therefore many new features will keep arriving for the customers. Stay tuned for all the latest updates.

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