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New iPad and Mac in Apple WWDC 2017 Show

There are some new devices which are grabbing the eyeballs in WWDC 2017 show by Apple. The whole event is not just about some new apps and software but things like hardware section are also taking the centre stage. Many executives of Apple including Tim Cook discussed a variety of products and they mentioned a lot about those in details. There is no doubt that Apple is getting ready to compete with major hardware manufacturers. They brought HomePod which is a smartspeaker priced $349 only. They also showed the new iMac Pro and 10.5 inch iPad Pro. Here we are discussing a few more details about the event.

The first thing we would like to talk about iMac Pro. The new iMac Pro has a superb 5K Display. Now this new dimension is going to make the things different from others. Makers have included four Thunderbolt 3 ports here and you can utilize 8-core Xeon processor here. If you are looking to upgrade the processor in future then you can update it up to 18 cores which are highly supportive. The SSD capacity is up to 4TB and it has the ECC memory up to 128GB. Now you can easily understand how useful it can be if you are looking for a big capacity machine. This model has a special cooling capacity which can help to keep the gadget cool up to a certain level. The starting price of iMac Pro is $4,999. Company is claiming that it is the most powerful computer by Apple till date. They are planning to ship the machine from December.

The next product is MacBook Pro. A few days ago we discussed with you that Apple may refresh their entire MacBook series. The same has happened as per the expectations. Company has refreshed the entire MacBook line up. The starting price of 13 inch MacBook Pro is $1299. New models of MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro will now be available through the official Apple website. Company has included the newest Kaby Lake Processors. The thickness is just 13.1 mm and the weight is just 2 pounds.

Company also showed their new iPad Pro. The models will now be available in three different versions. You will be available to purchase a new 10.5 inch iPad Pro from this year. It has a 12MP primary camera whereas secondary camera is of 7MP. Makers are saying that this model can have the battery life of 10 hours. You can utilize USB 3.0 and the starting internal capacity of this model will be 64GB. Price-tag is $649 only. You can place your order through Apple’s official website. Company is looking to ship the model by next week.

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