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New Updates On Gmail For ios Have Practical Features

Google finally brought a new update of Gmail app for iOS users after a long time. They brought these updates a few days ago and people are praising it. Many experts have noticed that it is a major step to bring additional features. These features now make Gmail equivalent to Android app. It is the reason most of the users are satisfied with the performance. Google Calendar also got a new update and it is also appearing smooth.

Experts are checking the new platform from some days. Most of them are saying that the new transition is appearing sleek. The refreshed appearance is looking attractive and Google has promised that it will work with brilliant speed. Company brought some new characteristics here. You may already know that the desktop version of Gmail has an undo feature. Now iOS version also contains the same characteristics and those who are checking it from last 3-4 days are satisfied with it. It is not uncommon if you want to make some changes on the email you sent. Many among us like to do because sometimes we make errors while preparing the content. Therefore the undo feature will assist the user correct the mistakes with ease.

The new update has brilliant spelling suggestions. Therefore the chances of spelling mistakes are very less. Moreover search functionalities are also working in a dazzling manner. You can manage the inbox with ease. Google has included the swipe to delete or archive which is certainly very useful for many people. This will help you to keep the inbox clean. Many people like using Calendar app. They will find the new update more valuable than before because it can give all the information clearly. There are many alternate calendars available this time. Therefore you can select your choice without any difficulty. Many users will find the new landscape orientation supportive.

Google is bringing different types of updates on Gmail app. Many specialists are claiming that Google will bring some more updates for their users. Currently the fresh appearance of Gmail for iOS is undoubtedly a good move by the company. It will assist them to add more valuable characteristics in future. You can visit app store if you still haven’t checked the new edition. Manage all the important data through the new Gmail app. It will not disappoint you with its performance.

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