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Nokia May Launch Nokia 8 through February 26th Event

This year we may a lot of changes in smartphone industry. Some top makers like Samsung is already face many challenges from other makers and now Nokia is also getting ready to show the power once again. It is a known fact that Nokia was among the top brands before the smartphone era. They still have their loyal fans who will not hesitate to shift to their favourite brand if they find Nokia models with high quality. Samsung will again face a new kind of challenge now.

A few days ago we discussed that HMD Global is going to offer Nokia models for next ten years. They have already launched Nokia 6 a few days ago. Now they are getting ready to show some more models in coming times. Company has already sent the invites for a special event which will be organized on February 26th, 2017. This can be date when we may many new Nokia models that will be available in many countries in coming times. Company showed the teaser of an upcoming Nokia model in CES 2017 event. Many sources are indicating that it could be Nokia 8. The official specifications of this model are expected to be available through this event.

The event will be organized in Barcelona and it will start at 4.30PM local time. The upcoming model Nokia 8 is expected to be available in two editions. The first edition can have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor whereas you may get the chance to utilize Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 on other device. There are some other points also which are going to make the difference. RAM is the next thing which you can check before taking your final decision. The first model with Snapdragon 821 may have a 4GB RAM whereas the second model can have a 6GB RAM. There is no doubt that these two things are going to play a big part.

Battery power is going to make an impact here. If the battery power is going to be excellent then people will not mind investing their money. However at present there are no reports available for this part. Screen-size is expected to be 5.7 inch here and you may utilize Super AMOLED QHD display on this gadget. Camera is also the thing which most of the people like to check. This gadget can have a 24MP primary camera and 12MP secondary camera. Internal capacity is expected to be 64/128GB. We will discuss all the official specifications with you as soon as the makers bring the model through this event.

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