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Now Ignore Trolls on Twitter

Twitter is among the most widely used social networking platform in today’s time. It is equally beneficial for everyone to stay connected with their followers. However there is one point which forces genuine users to think before making their post public. We can easily find a lot of users who criticize others in an uncivilized manner. Twitter is paying attention towards this section and they have taken some steps to keep these trolls away. You can now shut these voices as Twitter is bringing new methods to avoid these people.

Twitter recently announced two new tools which will give more authority to control your accounts. You can now see only genuine tweets and it will be up to the user if he is not interested to see some specific tweets. You can now stay connected with only those accounts that you follow. Moreover a new alternative called “quality filter” will let users to keep the offensive tweets away from their accounts. We cannot ignore some online threats these days. We have seen in the past that social networking platforms become a way to gather sensitive information of account holders. Twitter is taking steps to protect the details of their users. These suspicious tweets will stay hidden and your important details will remain safe.

It is very easy to activate the new service on the account. You can simply login to your account and visit ‘notifications’ section. This is the section from where you can activate this service. This new service is going to be highly functional because you can ignore unwanted tweets. The filter can stay on and it will not allow users to post offensive comments. There are chances that you may not have received the service at present. Twitter is adding the service step by step. Therefore you will receive this function very soon if you have not received it till now. So now keep the haters away. There will be no low quality contents now.

Twitter is regularly taking steps to provide good experience to verified users. There can be unwanted notifications. So if you keep the filter on then these notifications will not become the part of your account. Many people fail to understand the importance of using the words carefully. Abusive or offensive language is certainly not the thing which anyone will like to see after opening the account. So ignore trolls with the help of these two new tools. It is very useful if you use Twitter frequently.

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