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Now Keep the Trolls Out from Your Instagram Account

Instagram is getting ready to offer some tough competition to other similar platforms. They are aware of the changing market conditions due to various reasons. Therefore they are regularly keeping an eye on the ways through which they can provide more useful features to their users. Recently company added a new feature which allows the account holder to keep the trolls out from their account. This feature is certainly very beneficial as you can keep the unwanted messages away from the message section. Company announced this feature in June and now they are ready to offer the benefits to all the users.

The world of internet is open for everyone. So we cannot say with surety that every person will send the message in an appropriate manner. Therefore we have to keep those people away from our account. Many genuine users were looking for this kind of facility and now finally Instagram decided to provide this feature. Instagram is not saying publicly that which phrases or words they are going to ban because it will allow people to say the same thing in a different manner. It is like playing with the algorithm of the company. Instagram has also provided the method through which the users can activate this feature. If you are looking to use it then visit ‘settings’ section and go to ‘comments’ section. Here you will find ‘Hide Inappropriate Comments’ section through which you can keep the unwanted people away.

It is a known fact that many users around the globe have complained before that online platforms are not doing enough to keep the trolls away. The same is going to change now. Instagram is now ready to safeguard the interests of their genuine users. Company also said that they consider it as their responsibility that users should not receive the kinds of words which are not appropriate. Now the offensive comments will not be visible to anyone even if a person is posting them frequently. The person who is making those comments will not be able to do anything. Moreover others will not get any information about those offensive posts.

Company recently stated that self-expression will be safe for everyone if we work together to make the platform better than before. Company is committed to provide more features to make the platform secure for all the communities. You can now start using the new safety features if you have not used before.

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