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Now Use Q&A Feature On Google Maps And Search

Google is regularly making their platform more convenient to the users. They are paying equal attention to all the sections and it is the reason that more and more people are using different functions of this search engine giant. Now they have introduced ‘Questions & Answers’ feature on Google Maps and Search. Therefore it is very clear that this section will be more interactive than before. This new feature will undoubtedly help users to get the answer to their questions. Therefore you will get more information about any specific place without any difficulty.

You might be looking for an answer to know more about a place. This new ‘Questions and Answers’ will help you to get the information about any specific place without any difficulty. You can read the answers already available or you can ask your question if you the answer is not available. It is up to the user to add the question as per the requirement. The interactive place will also assist you to answer somebody else’s question. The best thing is the availability of votes. This section will give you an idea if the information is correct or not. You can upvote the sections which are correct. This information is official as the Associate Product Manager of Google Maps discussed it through a blog.

The rollout of this section has already started and all the users will soon receive the updates. This section is going to be supportive for not only the individual users but businesses also. The lists of different business owners are going to be functional for many Google Maps users. The availability of frequently asked questions is going to make the things simple. It can give a clear idea about the local place. Business owners will receive the notification if someone is interested to know more about their business. Moreover, users will also receive the notification when their questions are answered by the businesses.

Therefore discover the world with Google Maps and Search. Get the answers to your questions and take the correct decision with the help of this facility. The company has announced the voice search for many different languages. These characteristics will be available for Android as well as iOS users. You may see that the helpful content is available to you with ease. Google Maps and Search can give you the most accurate result. Use it to know about the places.

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