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Over 1,000 People Attend Tampa Premium Outlets Job Fair

The job fair for Tampa Premium Outlets is being viewed as a rousing success after more than a thousand people showed up to apply for the hundreds of jobs advertised as available. The vendors doing the hiring appeared pleased with the turnout. The soon-to-open Pasco shopping center had roughly 800 positions to fill. Applicants that came prepared and appeared enthusiastic stood a good chance of landing a job.

Parking was scarce for those that arrived after the event started. The lot filled up quickly with the cars of those who had gotten there early. Some of the applicants reported lining up as early as 6:30 a.m.

In a comment to the Tampa Bay Times, Kreshonda Floyd, 21, said, “We knew there was going to be a lot of people, but we didn’t think it’d be this busy.” She continued, “We lined up before 9 a.m. thinking we’d be here ahead of the game, but (hundreds of) people were thinking the same thing.” Floyd and her friend Kierra Harrison, 20, both from Dade City, came to the event hoping to score a job at Aldo, Michael Kors or Nike.

The convention space in the Embassy Suites on Fowler Avenue was filled to near capacity. During the first two hours, the job fair was packed with nicely dressed applicants holding resumes. At times, applicants were lined up five or six people deep at each of the roughly 60 vendor tables. Others filling out paperwork found a spot to work at lobby tables, the bar, and even on the floor.

Some retailers were also conducting interviews and hiring people on the spot. Many of the available positions were part time or seasonal, but that didn’t seem to dim the enthusiasm of the crowd. Some stores were looking to hire both holiday temporary workers and long-term employees. Tampa Premium Outlets has its grand opening scheduled for October 29, shortly before the start of the holiday season.

The employment of 800 more people in the area will be a boon to the local economy. Tampa Premium Outlets general manager Stacey Nance said in a statement to the press, “I think it’s only going to better our city, our town, our county and even our state.”

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