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Samsung Electronics to Recall Galaxy Note 7

Most of the Samsung users may not have expected it. Samsung Galaxy ‘Note’ brand is one of the most famous and trusted brands of smartphone industry. The current edition of ‘Note’ was going to compete with the upcoming iPhone model. Now it may not be the same in coming days because many users will definitely think twice before purchasing this model. This development may also force many experts around the globe to think otherwise. Samsung is planning to recall all the Galaxy Note 7 models from the market and it may hit the image of the brand this year.

Samsung will soon issue a global recall within next few hours after a lot of complaints that the gadget catches fire at the time of charging. This massive recall of Note model is undoubtedly very embarrassing for Samsung because it is their premium brand. Company launched this model with a grand show around a month ago and now they are planning to recall it. Samsung recently stated that some phones of Galaxy Note 7 have issue with the battery. It is the reason they have decided to halt the sales in many countries. The U.S. as well as South Korea are also among the countries where Samsung is halting the sales of Galaxy Note 7. Company is making the arrangement so that customers should not get affected with this recall. They will offer a new product to their customers so that the customers can keep using it.

Some records show that around 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 models will be recalled and it is going to be a big exercise. It is the first time in Galaxy Note’s history that company is planning to recall the model from so many countries. Many Samsung customers are surely going to be affected with this step. The surprising thing is that the devices available in China are not affected because of it. Company has used different type of battery for this region due to which they have not faced any issue. Many Galaxy Note 7 models around the globe exploded at the time of charging. Experts are saying that battery of the gadget is not of the required quality due to which the incidences happened at many places. Company will soon announce all the details about the recall programme. They may come with different offers for their customers who are going to face the hassles because of it.

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