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Samsung Galaxy J5 Exploded In France

It seems that the problems of Samsung gadgets are not ending soon.  Now a user from France is claiming that her Samsung Galaxy J5 model exploded and caught fire. She is claiming t hat the model got swollen up and suddenly the smoke started coming out. Later on the gadget caught fire and an explosion happened from the backside of the smartphone. This is the first incident happened with Samsung Galaxy J5 in France and it is certainly very surprising for the market.

The name of the user is Lamya Bouyirdane. She discussed the whole incidence with Press. She is claiming that she asked her four year old son to pass over her phone during a family gathering at her house. Her son passed it over and she found that the phone is very hot. Later on she noticed that the model has swollen up unusually. Therefore she threw the phone straight away. The model caught fire and exploded very soon. Bouyirdane informed that she purchased the phone online last June. This is the first incidence of Samsung Galaxy J5 in France. Lamya Bouyirdane wants to sue Samsung for this incidence. She is saying that her son was holding the model moments before the explosion. It might have harmed his son.

Market is well-aware of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 issue. Now Samsung Galaxy J5 is the next model on which many market experts will keep an eye in coming times. They are saying that makers are using Lithium-Ion batteries from a long time. Now this is very surprising that these batteries are becoming the central point of discussion in such types of incidences. Laptops are also using these batteries. It is vital for all the makers to design and manufacture the products carefully if they are adding these batteries. A small defect during this process can create issues in future.

Samsung is not commenting anything officially about this incident. A spokesperson of Samsung just told that company cannot say anything about it at this point of time. He further added that customer safety will always remain company’s first priority. Therefore they do not have any issue to work with any customer to investigate the matter thoroughly. Samsung is looking to support any customer if they face any issue with their products. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was definitely a model which didn’t appear safe. It troubled many users worldwide. However other products of Samsung are not appearing dangerous throughout the globe. Company knows the importance of providing high-quality gadgets every time. Therefore they will certainly take all the steps cautiously in coming days.

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