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Samsung May Dump the “Note” Brand

A few days ago we were talking about Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Remember? We told you how Samsung was almost forced to recall this model second time within two months. Company provided new models of Galaxy Note 7 but those models were also not safe. Many reports of explosions and catching fire didn’t permit Samsung to continue with this model. They didn’t think twice before recalling the model again and they issued a public appeal not to use this model. They also directed all the carriers not to sell this model. The whole story undoubtedly damaged the reputation of this brand and now some related reports may not appear good for “Note” fans.

Many experts are now saying that Samsung is seriously thinking to abandon this brand to save the overall image of Samsung gadgets. Company knows it very well that gadget lovers around the globe are aware of the battery explosion issue of Note 7 model. Therefore it is almost certain that most of the people will avoid the “Note” brand next year. It may increase the overall cost for the company which may not be supportive for the makers. A lot of incidences didn’t allow Samsung to do the marketing of this gadget. A Jeep caught fire because of this model. In another incident a house was under flames because of Galaxy Note 7. There was also a complaint from a hotel owner. He said that a major section of his hotel got damaged after the explosion of this gadget. Many airlines around the world also banned this model as they didn’t allow passengers to carry this gadget.

Samsung officially said that they have no plans to resell this gadget in any other form. They are neither looking to refurbish nor they will repair it. They are looking to dispose all the models carefully and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will become the part of the history now. The popularity of ‘Galaxy’ range by Samsung is well-known to everyone. Samsung do not want to hurt the brand “Galaxy” to save “Note”. Therefore it will not be a surprise if company officially chooses to kill “Note” as it can keep the “Galaxy” safe. This story of Galaxy Note 7 will definitely haunt Samsung in coming years. Makers are still clueless where they went wrong. However there is no doubt that Galaxy Note 7 played a major role to make “Note” a global laughing stock. It will not shock many experts if company officially decides to make Note a part of their history.

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