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Samsung Plans to Disable Galaxy Note 7 Models in The USA

It is now official. Samsung is looking to disable most of the Galaxy Note 7 models in The USA. Company made an official statement a few hours ago that the support is going to end very soon. They asked the U.S. users to prevent using Galaxy Note 7 devices. The end of this support means that users will not be able to charge the device anymore. It will prevent the gadget to work as a regular official gadget by Samsung. This step becomes important for the company because Galaxy Note 7 has appeared very dangerous for the users. There were a lot of incidences in many parts of the globe when Galaxy Note 7 exploded and users faced a lot of difficulties. Moreover many users have complained that the gadget went into flames at the time of charging the battery. Therefore it has now become impossible for Samsung to keep the official support.

This step by Samsung is appearing logical. However there is still one carrier who does not want to be the part of this update. Verizon do not want to participate in this update and they have already given the official statement for the same. Verizon is saying that they will not become the part of the update because it will be an added risk to Galaxy Note 7 users. There are people who do not have any other device at this point of time. Therefore if they are not able to charge the gadget then it will not be possible for them to contact their family members. It is vital for medical professionals also to contact others on time. So Verizon is not looking to become the part of this update by Samsung.

The new software update by Samsung will prevent Galaxy Note 7 users to charge the phone. Samsung launched a special programme to help their customers to change their gadget. Unfortunately there are still some users who have not changed their gadget. It has forced Samsung to bring the software update so that they can disable Galaxy Note 7 models. The step is very important for the safety of the users. Company is planning different strategies for different regions. Their plans for Europe are different. The new update in European region will not allow Galaxy Note 7 users to charge the gadget beyond 30% of the capacity. Therefore it is advisable to change your gadget if you have still not changed it.

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