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Samsung Starts Paying Note 7 Owners for another Galaxy Phone

Samsung does not want to lose their customers amid of the all Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. They are looking to keep the goodwill alive and it is the reason company has decided to offer something to their customers. Company is offering a $100 credit to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners. Users can exchange the device for a new Samsung Galaxy S7 edge or any other model of their choice.  The credit amount is $25 if a user takes the complete refund or looking to get another brand’s model.

This type of step was expected from the makers as the brand image of Samsung was not like before. A series of fire catching incidents and explosions of Galaxy Note 7 throughout the world damaged the reputation of the company badly. It affected the brand Samsung and they were forced to recall all the Galaxy Note 7 models immediately.  This year’s total profit of Samsung is biting the dust. Therefore it will not be an easy task for the makers to come out from this issue. Company is now focussing completely on Galaxy S7 edge to control the damages. This is the model through which they are looking to recapture their position like before.

It is not the only challenge which Samsung is going to face in current times. A lot of other brands will definitely see it as their opportunity to establish themselves into the market. Moreover established makers like Apple and new entrants like Google Pixel are going to pose a challenge for them. Most of the specifications were not very different from the last year’s Galaxy Note 5. However it was the battery due to which the makers face a lot of trouble. Company is strong enough to come out from these testing times. But the overall fiasco screwed up the reputation of Note brand thoroughly.

It will be very interesting to see how Samsung will deal with their upcoming premium models in future. It is almost certain that makers will be extra cautious while designing the product. Moreover there are chances that they will come with some special offers also to regain their position. The profit forecast of Samsung is lower than before. The figure was $6.8 billion before the Note 7 issue. However later on it was reduced to $4.6 billion. The difference may not be very huge but they still have to do something special to save their reputation. This is the only thing which can save the makers in future.

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