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Samsung’s Gear VR, Powered By Oculus, Now Available In The US

The electronics giant Samsung has released its first Virtual Reality Gear in collaborating with Oculus, an American virtual reality technology subsidiary of Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB).

Oculus, a company acquired by the social media giant, Facebook and in collaborating of both the giants, Samsung Gear VR is currently available in the market for sale. Samsung has made the VR into an affordable as well as acceptable one for the global consumers. Samsung Gear VR allows the users to play games, movies, documentaries and also games, which is specially made for virtual reality. In addition to this, the users can watch tons of media available in the Oculus video directory with 360 degree views too.

As of now, Amazon and Best Buy has included Samsung Gear VR in their catalogues and currently they are shown as “Out Of Stock”. The Gear VR headset can be bought from most of the retail stores in the United States soon. But, the main thing is that, even iPhone user wants to Gear VR headset, then they need to buy the Samsung device. This might boost the sale of Samsung devices, which brings out extra income for the company. In the meantime, the Oculus store consists of several plugin for the Samsung Gear VR, which gives the users a real bit of Virtual Reality.

By using the Korean company’s VR headset, one can play “Land’s End” game, which allows the players to experience real virtual reality. The player needs a swivel chair in order to play the game, so that he can move his body while playing the game.

Fortune reported that the Samsung’s Virtual Reality Headset can be used in many ways and can be used for more than just playing games. And it is highly advised to use the additional plugin from the store to experience real VR.

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