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Sand River In Iraq Viral Video- Fake Or Real?

A couple of days ago, “Sand River” video gone viral over the internet. Did you watch? It was really surprising! Earlier, we thought that the video was created in video editing software. Luckily, there are no black hands behind the screen. According to the Huffington post, the video was  actually recorded in a desert area (Iraq) on November 16.

It was a rainy week for people who lives in the Middle East. This natural disaster brought severe damages in Egypt, Jordan, Isreal and Saudi Arabia countries. The monster rain also washed off thousand of people in Iraq. Normally, it is common to see flood on rainy season. Floods stream from upward to downward area, which indicates the rainy weather in upstream. Similarly, we can imply the same environment theory in this river flow.

From a far view, it looks like “Sand” that stream through the desert. We both are wrong! The travelling river bed was actually a moderate size of hailstones. They are also called as frozen rain that rush down in different sizes. Yes! This uniform size can also help hails to travel like a fluid. You can see the same effect with a bucket of marbles. It starts to change their position, when you shake or pour them on the floor.

Some website reports, a rare weather condition was the main reason to form an icy river in Iraq. As you can see in the video footage, people shoot a frozen river that flow through the desert. We can clearly say that, the YouTube user who uploaded this video as “Sand River” because of sandy desert area.

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