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Skype Brings the Update for iOS; includes callKit Support and Siri Integration

Skype just updated their iOS edition of app and they brought the version 6.25. This new version has included some new features which can be useful for many users. You may already know that iOS 10 has included some innovative characteristics. Therefore the new edition of Skype is going to be useful as you can utilize many new features with ease. Microsoft brought this update so that the users of Skype can use the complete power of iOS10. Now you can use Siri to make calls through Skype. Therefore it is now very easy to stay connected with your loved ones through a popular app even if you are away from your place.

This new update is going to be beneficial for many businesses also as they can stay in touch with their teams without any difficulty. One of the best things about the new feature is that you can easily manage contacts with these new characteristics. Contact apps are going to be useful here as iOS 10 can easily handle different contacts of your Skype list. You can use Siri to make calls and send messages. It is not necessary to open the Skype app every time. Moreover if you are interested to send the invites to your friends for this feature then you will not face any issue here.

There is also the support for CallKit. Therefore now you can receive incoming calls of Skype like your normal phone call through this feature. You can answer the call from lock screen itself as iOS functionalities are going to be supportive here. It is now very clear that iOS 10 is highly functional. It has additional functions which are helpful under different conditions. You need not have to open Skype to add the contacts of Skype on your contact list. So now you can see all your contacts through one list. This function is highly practical because managing different contacts through one section is easier than any other method.

The new functions by Skype are now already available for personal use. However business entities can start using it from October. There are a number of other facilities also which you will come to know once you start using it. So the new update by Microsoft for Skype is really advantageous for most of the users. You can visit App Store to get the new update.

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